In the perspective of comparative literature of Japanese culture

Date of publication:2004-8   Press: Peking University press   Author:Yan Shaodang   Pages:481   Words:500000  

"Comparative literature at Peking University in academic library" is in recent decades to Peking University scholars as the main body of the China comparative literature studies, academic integration, it is the academic community in the past dozens of years, "Comparative Literature" as the subject of accumulation for the academic understanding and academic practice, now to the "series books" the form of publication in the world. Chinese academic study of comparative literature since twentieth Century 70 in the late Renaissance, has gone through 30 years. From the perspective of academic level, can be said that the emergence of the three generation of the main peak. Zhu Guangqian, Huang Yaomian, Yang Zhouhan, Li Jianwu, Qian Zhongshu, Ji Xianlin, Jin Kemu, Li Funing, Zhou Jueliang, Chen Jia, Fan Cunzhong Zhu, as the representative, they are after the "Cultural Revolution" to promote the China Comparative Literary Revival of the first generation of scholars. Le Daiyun, Chen Bei, Rao 芄子, money Chinese Mr. Zhu as representative, they are promoting the prosperity and development of comparative literature China second generations of scholars. At present, in the twenty-first Century, China academic study of comparative literature has formed third generations of scholars. Among them there have been a number of outstanding representative of scholar. In the middle of several generations of the peak, there are also many transitional academic bridge. The spirit of academic and former generation peak scholars is the "academic bridge" conveyed to the level of the later generation, the past, the research to a new realm. Peking University comparative literature and the establishment and development of cultural studies, consistent with the comparative literature development China trajectory. Its predecessor "the comparative literature research center" was founded in 1981, by Professor Yang Zhouhan led the main. This is the first generation of scholars dedicated product in Renaissance Chinese comparative literature scholarship. It is located in the Peking University, perhaps this is the basic context in twentieth Century China new culture and new academic development.

The "library" content is tentatively scheduled for two systems. One is 20 years, the study of comparative literature and comparative culture in the invitation and acceptance of scholars around the world to the lectures at the same time, the professor also in countries around the world to learn dry to the lectures at the same time, the professor has many lectures and speeches in many countries of the world. They made 4 and target languages, elaborates on his own experience, academic and international communication link China comparative literature, show China and scholars of the grave performance and humanistic spirit. "Library" to edit as "overseas lectures" still use the author was giving lectures and lecture "target" Chinese publishing, in order to them in the world academic circle expressed "Chinese sound of" fidelity "". The first phase of English edition, first published in French edition and the Japanese edition in three volumes, later also will continue to rally public issue; two is the special work has academic significance of this academic group members in the multicultural aspects of the. All the literature and culture of our country on the Austrian university is also has a study on practical. The Institute is committed to promoting the empirical and theoretical analysis of the text the interpenetration of multi culture originality thinking, in the literature study, the image of the study, study of comparative poetics, paper studies and cultural studies in the field of I, made exploratory efforts, not created for research on draft.
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