In 2003 the prospect of the future (Fu Guangpan)

Date of publication:2004-3-1   Press: Chinese financial and Economic Publishing House   Author:Theodore J. Gordon, Jerome C. Glen   Pages:87   Words:163000  
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Science and technology management and Policy -- environmental security issues and international treaty appendix 2025 global scenario fourth chapter for peace in the Middle East situation of the fifth chapter is the problems the future objective summary chapter second chapter first global challenges the future state index of third chapters across the Millennium Project participants @##@ statistical abbreviations "2003" is the future who focus on global change, look forward to a better future people a unique resources. It provides the overall evaluation about the human condition, looking forward to the future development of today and we should take action plan. The world's policymakers and educators, can use the report, understanding the important questions, determined for Mr. strategy, to improve the decision-making level. This annual report provides a global vision of broad, discusses the challenges facing humanity, problems, management of science and technology for future peace in the Middle East, environmental security, the future state index and other important issues of global significance.
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