I don't believe in evil

Date of publication:1999-10   Press: Jiangxi Education Publishing House   Author:He Zuoxiu   Pages´╝Ü369  

"I don't believe you Library: He Zuoxiu anti pseudo scientific debate set" the main contents include: I read Marx, and against the pseudo science, why am I not to oppose the pseudo science, about anti pseudoscience "background", "magic power" research and pseudo science, why anti pseudoscience, pseudo Qigong non - not, pseudo scientific activities, the performance of ten kinds of expose pseudo Qigong and "special features", experts, scholars, especially, should take the lead in rejecting pseudo science, "Warren" Zhang Baosheng miscues, prediction of "master" Chen Linfeng predicted "performance" supplement, a group was not scientific. "Qigong effects of material properties of scientific experiments, water can be changed into oil etc..
Author brief introduction

He Zuoxiu, theoretical physicist, philosopher, academician of Academy of Sciences of China, the eight and the nine session of the CPPCC National Committee, by the original Anhui counties, was born in Shanghai in 1927, 1947 joined the Communist Party of Chinese, in 1951 graduated from the Physics Department of Tsinghua University, the China Academy of Sciences Research Institute of theoretical physics, theoretical physics doctorate tutor, Professor, Center for science and society study on philosophy of science and technology of Peking University, doctoral tutor. Early in the particle theory, the important work of the STRATON MODEL, composite particle field, and therefore won the two prize of National Natural Science, and the composite particle theory innovation is the inheritance and development of the previous achievements of the work. Research in recent years to cosmology. His work involves "the small particles, the size of the universe", looking for contact and unified in the "minimum" and "great". The theoretical study also worked in the atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb. In philosophy, social science, early in the 1956 study by means of mathematical analysis on Marx's theory of reproduction. 196l ~ 1964 years, research devoted to the problems of scientific methodology, which in the "red flag" published in the Journal of scientific experiments, abstract, hypothesis, theoretical and experimental research, caused widespread concern in the scientific and technical workers. The theory of "natural science research practice standard" one article, is the first detailed study on this issue, and the impact on the "big discussion later practice is the sole criterion for testing truth" of scientific papers. In 70 to 80 years, He Zuoxiu has carried on the reorganization and the research on the theory of ancient China vitality, points out the vitality that is a continuous form material to explain substance primordial theory, is the origin of modern science and the midfield theories, but also affects the development of modern science. Infinity philosophical issues such as Separability, particle, writing a philosophy paper many polemical, criticized many wrong ideas, in-depth study is the question of philosophy of quantum mechanics. In the recent ten years, the attention to various social problems, have science and technology policy, education policy, economic policy, the construction of literary theory, socialism with Chinese characteristics of some theoretical problems such as cutting into the present-day evils, wrote many articles. Also wrote many articles in major scientific and technological problems of attention should be the contemporary economic construction. Warmly advocated development of high definition television, the new city tram, rapid maglev train, the southwest hydropower development, the Yarlung Zangbo River water diversion to the northwest, clean nuclear power technology, the peaceful use of nuclear technology, in order to promote the economic construction of our country, is the characteristics of this series of articles, there are arguments, there is the data, and explain profound theories in simple language to Chinese puts forward many high perspicacity, thus caused widespread concern. In recent years, participated in the research of science and technology policy, education policy, appeal to energetically develop science and technology, the rapid development of higher education. In addition, actively participated in defending the dignity of science, revealing and anti pseudoscience activities. Works include "from the primordial qi theory to particle physics", "pseudo science" (ed.), exposure. Due to the natural and Social Sciences in these two aspects and their combination, are well, so when people nicknamed the "amphibious scholars". The poet Zhang Biao summarized as: "everything contains Li and endless, Kung Fu in the physical." He Zuoxiu, theoretical physicist, philosopher. Academician of the Academy of China, PhD tutor of Peking University. With a scientist's conscience, He Zuoxiu over the years with considerable effort against the pseudo science, his participation in the struggle, the famous "Qiushi rodenticide" case finally ending, publicity for a long time "the water into oil" has also appeared in court. His scientific weapons on expose "object wall" magic ", exposing the long-distance work" the absurd. To overthrow the "prediction" space launch myth. Put a "magic power" of theDivision to the scientists "magic mirror". To show oneself in one's true colors...... He Zuoxiu said: the pseudo science to come to a clean!
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Author brief introduction preface part I Introduction 1 I read Marx, and against the pseudo science 2 I why not to oppose the pseudo science 3 on anti pseudoscience "4" magic power "background research and pseudo science 5 why anti pseudoscience 6 pseudo Qigong non anti pseudoscience activities can not be 7 ten 8 the expose pseudo Qigong and" special features "9 experts, scholars, especially, should take the lead in rejecting pseudo science and second case 10" Warren "Zhang Baosheng miscues record 11 predicted" master "Chen Linfeng predicted" performance "addendum 12 on a group of very unscientific" scientific experiment Qigong effects of material properties of 13 hydropower into oil 14 why released "about Wang Hongcheng" puffing Diesel "Protocol" 15 to hit the Secretary and the principal letter attached: verification scheme about Wang Hongcheng "puffing Diesel" 16 industry should focus on "Qiushi rodenticide" trial process about 17 "Qiushi rodenticide" comment 18 Hu Wanlin phenomenon and "seeing is believing 19 again on Ke Yunlu and Hu Wanlin 20 we don't want to accept this gift of 21 exaggerated false propaganda of Zhoulin frequency spectrum instrument to speak 22 Zhou Lin," a solemn statement" Three point 23 on the "power" activities of feudal superstition reflects the material of two cases of 24 body 25 is to promote academic, or use the opportunity to collect the money: "of the tenth session of the United Nations International Week of science and peace of the first Chinese Qigong career status and future senior seminar sponsored project 26 I don't approve of adolescents with A: mixing Qigong to" Youth Science and Technology Exhibition "editorial department of B: an open letter about He Zuoxiu" I don't approve of teenagers mixing Qigong article published after the reflection of C: a report of "Falun Gong" disciple to hospital again reported 27 against the new feudal superstition, against the new theism
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Scientists must not resort to deceit, false results is another example. Twenty years ago, in the Institute of high energy physics, Yunnan station found a particle - you know, I recently advocated for the particles, then could not be found. The particles are very important, life is long, quality is relatively large, once we not on the table. But only found a case! If there are second, third, fourth case is the great discovery. Then find the first example is a major clue, everybody is very happy, further study claims. Xinhua News Agency reporter Comrade Gu Mainan's enthusiastic support of high energy physics research, interview and wrote a lengthy report. On this matter, comrade Huo Anxiang is responsible for the repeated do not agree with published. If out words in the "Cultural Revolution" period, the newspaper will immediately put it on a pedestal. Comrade Gu Mainan is disciplined, so in the end No. Because this is the new case may be, is not able to confirm this new discovery; found a possible case, is an important clue, but is only one possible, cannot be said to be an important finding, continue to do the work but also in this based on the clues. If the contact point of the actual, you know, in recent years occurred in this kind of problem is. I speak several prominent problems: the first problem, just do it, I don't know whether it is reliable, immediately find news reporter, announced a great discovery. This book also discusses this kind of things, what it says it can press release, is through the normal review in this article, at the same time in the scientific journal published standards. Prior to this, the peer review stage, can not do so. But in recent years, China's reported the event too much. Like a gene found in eggs, the article has not been published, no review, rushed to find news reporter, said found dinosaur genes, this is biology. Physics is the same, a job half done, immediately find the reporter.......
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