I am angry

Date of publication:2007-1   Press: East China Normal University Press   Author:Zhang Jiehai   Pages:202   Words:225000  

Behind the "rogue teacher" the truth of the incident: Chinese society morbid is what disease? Chinese man is what man? What we teach rogue teacher? Mr. Zhang's article is about China man -- and Chinese woman, even the whole Chinese nation self-confidence, profound and sharp, pain of cutting, is because of love! See how Dr. Zhang Jiehai anatomy Chinese and China social psychological operation knife: who moved from "of" heart China man? What is the two fatal weaknesses Chinese? The world's most intelligent Chinese how to get Nobel award in 20 years? Foreigners do not understand the high China what?
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Let us look down upon Chinabounder local "behavior art" need real place so much? China man really crazy? Why not Chinabourlder 'for Western women? Rogue teacher events worthy of our reflection
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Chinese and foreign reader comments: Mr. Zhang's article about China man -- or Chinese woman, even the whole Chinese nation self-confidence, profound and sharp, pain of cutting, is because of love! Listen to the cry, spiritually uplifting! This is one -- sina.com.cn comments of the best articles Ihave read for a very long time Levelheaded and honest commentary is an asset to China. China Daily -- Comment on medicine, medicine is only a person's body. But an article sometimes medicine is a national spirit. Also more articles like this! Let our people 直起腰! I want to -- ifeng.com comments congratulate the author of this article It is not only well written but also has originality in his argument. -- Berkeley University review
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User reviews
  •   This book reminds me of the warning in the word. Our society needs the Zhang Jiehai such authors, need more such articles.. Do not say many words, have sense of responsibility suggested that have a look this book to the society
  •   This book is on sale to buy, thought very sharp, provide much material for thought, recommended to read, some understanding of society, some social psychological autopsy.
  •   Look at the social books, perspective is very unique
  •   Think a lot
  •   Received the book at the back, there are authors opinion, have a look can also increase slightly different perspective.
  •   Last year, the blogosphere is a fire "rogue teacher" event, behind the meaning is very rich: revealed a embodies people's insecurity and morbid psychology, and also embodies the foreigner is the charm of the strong..
  •   Profound content, set people thinking
  •   Content is also good, is seen behind, is full of the wrong page, random pages, less. Read a book, a good mood.

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