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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Hebei Education Publishing House   Author:Fang Long   Pages:612   Words:545000  

Van Loon full name Hendrik William Orron, is of Dutch descent America writer, was born in January 14, 1982 in Holland, Rotterdam, in 1903 went to American, completed undergraduate course at Cornell University, in 1911 by the German doctor degree of University of Munich. Van Loon did follow the prescribed order before and after school, school is not our behoove to think, but when the editor, journalist, broadcaster, has taught in USA several university, traveled to many places in the world. In March 11, 1944, van Loon died in USA connecticut. The book has 50 years, such as van Loon, sculpture, architecture, music, drama, painting into a book, from prehistoric wrote in twentieth Century 30, from the east to western, and in addition to literature, dance, photography, arts and crafts, clothing, furniture and so on, rare in domestic and abroad, is a Book No. This book is an academic, intellectual, interesting, very readable book.
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Hendrik William Orron, (1882-1944), Hispanic America famous humanist writer and historian. 1903 studied at the Cornell University in 1911 by the German American, doctor degree of University of Munich. Van Loon versatile, more than 20 works published in the world, and sells well not to decline. His works elegantly written, extensive knowledge, explain profound theories in simple language. The wise sayings and high perspicacity more
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The first chapter is the introduction to readers of artist, on what is art, what is not art difficulties, and others never get the answer. The second chapter prehistoric art I think in a large dark caves, lit a small candle. But, though we have tried to explore the caves, refused to give us the mystery. The third chapter Egyptian art fourth chapter Mabyn, and as well as the mystery of the Sumerians in the fifth chapter the sixth chapter to the art of Heinrich Schlieman chapter seventh Berkeley era chapter eighth pots and pans, dishes and pans and earrings, gold ninth chapter Itru Etruscans and Romans chapter tenth early Christian and Byzantine art eleventh chapter, twelfth chapter of thirteenth chapter of Islam in Russia the fourteenth chapter in the early Middle Ages fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter seventeenth chapter Provence Gothic period of Gothic period ending eighteenth chapter Renaissance spirit of Florence nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter friar Giovanni Angerich......
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