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Date of publication:2006-10-23   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:Huang Shang   Pages:288   Words:250000  

This book is an academic essay, the author relates to range is quite broad, not only comments on historical figures, records of Ming and Qing Dynasty famous characters (such as Wu Meicun, Qian Qianyi, Wu Changshi, Fang Hui, Zhang Jinyan, Chen Yuanyuan, Liu Rushi etc.) political and personal destiny in history and the social upheavals, and introduces the the collection of some famous bibliophile and Library and collection of gains and losses, the author as a knowledge rich version, so in this bibliography control. On "a dream of Red Mansions" of a few articles, can be called "cold reflection on the hot" phenomenon.
by Mr. Huang Shang, journalist, editor, writer bibliophile identity in a body, and the familiar version, bibliography. The paper thick elegant, talk about past and present, evocative.
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Huang Chang, was born in 1919. Formerly known as Rong Dingchang. Honorary members Chinese writers association. In the 1945 report, President of the Chongqing, Nanjing correspondent, editor, editorial board and other staff. A former military General Political Department of Ministry of culture, the editor of Shaoxing opera writers, and other staff. A former military General Political Department of Ministry of culture of Shanghai Shaoxing opera writers, film script writing writer. Started in 1940 after the prose creation, work as a journalist, has written a lot of
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"Mandarin duck lake in" note card -- Wu Chang Wu Meicun Wu Meicun about the current album "Nanhu spring map" Chen Yuanyuan not a bar about her about Zhang Zongzi and about the heart a commemorative Anthology of Yue Fei about the party back to the undead hero -- On Zhang Jin Yan "" postscript "Zhuozheng round its Tianyi Pavilion were recorded before the Dan Sheng Tang bibliography" two or three things about Qi Cheng (I see) -- read "Dan Sheng Tang anthology" "Wonsan Tang Ming Qupin drama goods collation" postscript plum Shu students read novel "a dream of Red Mansions" notes of red litchi and "a dream of Red Mansions" night the north wind tight spring night of "new" and "old", "red" -- a essays two on the "autobiography" -- a verdict on the three winter essays essays essays four comic origin "exam" Han Liu Tang poems about Gong Zizheng two or three third road third road master paranoid Dongpo two questions about the "Ju Department discussions" read "complement of Jiangnan garden annals" "shadow of the past dream new book" recorded before the
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  •   The quality of the book is good, but there is some article and I bought before Huang Chang's book is a collection of repeated, even if!
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