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The various articles, numerous categories. Before this book narrative has according to, writing smooth fresh, give a person with a lot of knowledge, explore new ideas. For some historical intellectuals jump out from the rigid academic stereotypes, the enlightenment, the dissemination of culture function. The book "Dai Yijuan Haoshou academic essay series" "". Includes the selection in the academic essays published in academic essays and add 7 volumes of 67. The book "Dai Yijuan Haoshou academic essay series" "". Author featured in the academic essays published in academic essays and add 7 volumes of 67. Academic viewpoints opinions, comments, prefaces and postscripts of academic works content conference academic speak impromptu, customs small academic examination, academic appreciation. Text has some academic connotation, can achieve the dissemination of academic experience and knowledge, carry forward the traditional culture of Chinese, popularization and promoting academic.
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Dai Yi, born in 1926, formerly known as Dai Bingheng, Jiangsu Changshu people. 1946 Shanghai Jiao Tong University study, learning to the History Department of Peking University. In 1982 the State Council appointed doctoral faculty members, student teacher guide. In 1988 the Chinese History Association, 1989 part-time curator of Renmin University of China library, is a world-renowned historians, especially familiar with the history of the Qing Dynasty is famous in the world. In the early Qing Dynasty @##@ through history Historians of the past and present the history of science is the basic subject and comprehensive discipline. All the phenomena of life history research in the development of human society, these phenomena are historical, dynamic, in line with the laws of. It is a conscious, passion, and the pursuit of his aims of human activities, however, restricted by the human history and has formed the environment and conditions, should conform to the historical trend, their activities to get close to the expected results. In the process of history, objective and subjective, material and spiritual, inevitable and accidental, regular and random, organically intertwined, constitute the historical picture is very perplexing. The history of science of the very extensive, because the objective world, abundant, and continuous development. In all areas of human activity, can be traced back to the origin and the origin of their own, and each has its special history, political history, economic history, military history, cultural history, social history, history of science and technology; each individual area, age, nationality and the national law of history specific and special content, so there are various the dynastic history, regional history, national history, national history. The science of history contains a variety of specialized history and history, which covers a wide variety, rich in content, Everything is contained therein. It is in this sense, Marx and Engels said: "we know only a unique scientific, historical science." In Chinese, history is a long time, the accumulation of the traditional subject rich. China thousands of years of uninterrupted complete written historical records; a vast variety of genres in the history books; including the national language of literature tablet, rich archives, precious relics; like Zuoqiu Ming, Sima Qian, Liu Zhiji, Sima Guang, Zheng Qiao, Zhang Xuecheng, Liang Qichao, Wang Guowei as an outstanding historian, until modern research to create a history of Marx Li Dazhao, Guo Moruo, Fan Wenlan et al. In the past thousands of years of Shi Xuecheng is our cultural heritage in the precious part, it recorded the Chinese life, fighting and marching mileage, summarizes the predecessors of production and class struggle experience, reflects the achievements of civilization the motherland great glory. The history of science is obviously on the importance of a country, a nation, it gives to the wisdom, strength and confidence. In order to understand society, know the future, understanding of human self, must rely on the past, to observe its development in a long Shi Duanzhong existence and form, reflecting the history of. The past and the present are interrelated, consider the past is a barren wild desert, too limited to the immediate events, often see things in a blur of a series of short change get be dizzy, and unable to grasp the essence of social movement and the future. The historical role of science, we can make in a huge potential, in the past to the present and long-term development, observe yourself and your society. Only in this way can thoroughly understand now, foresee the future. Therefore, the object of scientific research is the past history, it only provides more objective, more accurate image for the past, but its significance is not only limited to the past. Now and in the future, is the last to continue to extend, historical cause, a real fruit. All of reality, or drama, or frustration, or victory, or difficulties in the past, are adorable, all without exception and the past have indissoluble bound. Study and interpretation of a thing of the past, it is in order to better understand the present and the future. Therefore the people pay attention to the science of history, but also because of their with the reality of confusion, had to resort to history, to seek more correct answerCase. A nation, if you forget the past, could not face the present and the future correctly. People living in reality, everyone in the observation and study of the past, always with current thoughts and feelings and understanding, people often go to the past history now life needs and interests. The past history and now is closely related to the historical facts and historical data, always first convex now historians eyes, priority attention of historians, objectivity, this does not preclude the development of history. Each era historian when analytical thinking in the choice of research topics and, most will choose those with current reality more relationship problems, and stand up to carry out research in the scientific level of the contemporary reach. Historians are more concerned about it, understand it, the more we can introspect the history. Life now offers a more mature development patterns for him, so as to understand the history of the development is not yet mature form. If people be indifferent to, loss of interest in current events, how to understand the historical events happened? Now life experience help historians to experience a variety of life history, as they say, is helpful to understand the apes skeletal body on human anatomy. At present, Chinese is undergoing great change history hitherto unknown, under the leadership of the party, rapidly Benz China is socialist modernization road, and strive for the construction of the socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization. Historians have the responsibility, in the past and the present, to bridge the communication gap between history and reality, the construction of a new life, today to reflect on the past, review the state and the nation has been difficult and glorious history, it is be of great advantage to the people. Reform and opening up, people need to know more about the situation of our country and the traditional, more know the history and current situation of the world, also need more to ideological education in patriotism, socialism and upholding the four cardinal principles. The history of science is useful in reality. It can improve the cultural quality of the whole nation, cultivate patriotism, socialism, cultivate people's character, sentiment, increase the basic knowledge, to help people understand the situation, understand their own past, fog to clear, to grasp now, facing the future. The history of Science in the tree is evergreen, it will open up a new life to make a significant contribution.
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Volume one of traditional and modern academic freedom frontier development activities in the human and environmental historians of the past and present of Heluo culture four aspects history four elements thought moral -- on the literary historians of the four requirements of news and history of thousands into historical revelation 2 historical review first Westernization Group of the rise and fall of the Jintian uprising the movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom after Huang Qing government devolution Wu Xu reform historical reflection on Jia Wu war and political situation in the Far East Qian Long flood and relief Xin Hai revolution opened a new era in Qing Dynasty Chinese modernization development of western historical reference Manchu rise spirit Vol. three historical figures: Ci Xi Wilson? Remember the seek truth from facts to evaluate historical Cao Xueqin and the poet Qian Long Fu Peng on flat against the law to protect Taiwan not -- in commemoration of Liu Mingchuan I see Zhang Zhidong patriotic, advanced reformer, thinker Tan Sitong Yong Zheng's Kangxi and his academic master Huang Zongxi IV mentorship and review Memorial Comrade Shang Yue transformation from the patriotic democrats into the bright road of communists- In honor of Wu Han Memorial Zheng Tianting teacher I know history and memory of Comrade Jin Yingxi Deng Tuo...... Volume five, volume six and diffuse Department review Vol. seven.
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