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Date of publication:2012-9   Press: Life, reading, New York   Author:Liu Zaifu   Pages:405   Words:321000  

"Heart" is the author of 2011 should be invited to visit the parties, many cities at home and abroad the traveling university lectures, interviews, reflective text published in recent years, the independent reading and thinking, thoughts and words up to the top level results. Through the book, we will recognize the tremendous changes in abroad academic realm and the thought idea happen. Based on his study and life experience, by means of the new method and a new perspective on Contemporary China and the whole human society situation, as many thought nature and the nature of philosophy response, deep reflect the academic research and writing to life, and the life.
Author brief introduction

Liu Zaifu, born in 1941 in Fujian Nanan Lin Xiang liu. In 1963 graduated from the Chinese Department of Xiamen University and went to work in Beijing. A former researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Chinese Literature Research Institute and director of Academic Committee, "literary criticism". Once at the University of Chicago, University of Colorado, Stockholm University, City University Hong Kong, University of British Columbia, National Central University, Tokai University and other institutions served as visiting professor, Chair Professor, honorary professor and visiting scholars. Author of "character combination theory", "aesthetic thought of Lu Xun on the draft", "literary reflection", "exile the gods", "crime and literature" (co authored), "modern literature Zhuzi theory", "tradition and the Chinese" (co authored), "in" five four "" Li Zehou, "an introduction to aesthetics", "Liu Zaifu's prose poetry collection", "Liu then replies on selected", "man on twenty-five", "double dictionary criticism", "friends", "human nature chronicle of all", "drifting" ten volumes of notes "red books" and so on more than 40 academic works and essays. Works have been translated into English, Japanese, Korean, French and German languages.
Catalogue of books

Preface: from the "composition" era to the "heart" era
first series speech.
"a dream of Red Mansions" philosophical points: on the ninety anniversary of Xiamen University "near the master" forum speech
"a dream of Red Mansions" ontological reading in the library of Shanghai speech
create the modernization of China since -- at the Xiamen University Academic Summit Forum
to the teacher in the Chinese Department of Xiamen University ninety anniversary celebration meeting speech system.
a pluralistic society of "group", "personal" rights in South Korea International Literary forum speech
"globalization" to stimulate desires crazy disease Dan Kook University in Seoul welcome meeting speech
Li Zehou philosophy system outside the description -- in Changshu Institute Of Technology "Soochow forum" on the speech
in art and literature genius phenomenon - at the Lingnan University and Sichuan University, Anhui Tongling third speech
second life soul to - in Denver - China Exchange Association eleventh annual meeting. Speech
second series of interviews
eighty's academic environment -- a "Shanghai review" Sheng Yun asked
-- a reply to East China Normal University in "modern Chinese Journal" editor Huang Ping asked
I can smell aromatic souls -- a "China Daily" Mr. Wang Zheng asked
the ocean on the other side said "red" - a "Look East weekly" reporter Yang Tianwen
from the "double dictionary criticism" -- Talking from reporters Yang Tian the two time
why I don't like the "Three Kingdoms" and "the Water Margin" -- a Korean "Korean weekly" reporter asked Li Dongxun
create modern Chinese culture from the type - a "times weekly" Li Huaiyu asked
cultural inclination and literary freedom -- a "Oriental Morning Post" Jia Shuangshuang asked
a a torchbearer expectations - a "China reform" magazine reporter asked Liu Fang
third series of dialogues
without hesitation after standing on the earth: and Li Zehou talk about why Lu Xun unparalleled
from "cultural criticism" to "back to the classics, teachers and students of Shantou University Q & A with
" a dream of Red Mansions "really vulgar two truth -- and complementary structure sword Mei about" a dream of Red Mansions "
Lu Xun's" National love "and" universal "-- the connotation and Korea Prof. Park Jae woo dialogue after the entire The presentation
Fourth text book
Chapter excerpt

This is the criticism of me, but I was pleasantly surprised after reading. At that time, my feeling is, far away on the other side, there is a serious scholar thought is more open than I, on literature and art "nature" I express more thoroughly than. In 1981, although I want through to Lu Xun's exposition to break the "absolute scale standard first, political art standard second", but because in the early eighty's, he still hasn't completely out of the political and ideological shadow, so talking about the "interest." or "partly veiled", while Mr Wang Shide is straightforward, straight to the point that gives interest pleasure, sensuous, is the essence of literature and art, not and other purposes (such as objective, the purpose of education etc.) an objective side by side. Mr. Wang of the expression, it seems today might be nothing, but at the end of 1981 context, is the "advanced", hair and even the whole country are not around. After I read his article, not only fully accept his argument, and create a kind of admiration from the bottom of my heart: there is more avant-garde than I have to, I can't "haunted", should be more open and more straightforward, more courage to express everything you want to express. Mr. Wang Shide's article that was me, is not important "Enlightenment", but "encouraging", he urged me forward thinking and endeavour. Introduction today by chance, I would like to thank Mr. wang. Second personal feelings occurred in 1986. At the time I was with the literature research as director of office, the first one or two years are advocating the "new method" hot climax. In the trend, I feel new happy, but also feel the pressure, including political and academic pressure. Poetry and mathematics can prove each other? System theory, information theory, control theory and other natural scientific method can be introduced into the research of the humanities? Can say, sing me; say no, mocking me. The moment of history, I am eager to support. People are fragile,Put on the "director" of the title, is still very fragile. In this historical moment, I read the new aesthetic trend of Mr. Wang Shide "". The book was published in 1986 September by Sichuan University press. This more than 200 pages of books, in the "postscript" in the statement said:...... This year, the country appeared a new method of "hot", a method called 1985 literary theory in China "on year". The widespread concern and explore new methods. I was in the autumn of 1985 to the eight two level students "aesthetic" lesson, increase about new "aesthetic trend of a month". I'm in guiding graduate work, encourage them to learn new methods. In order to improve the teaching work, I in the recent years, learning the system theory, fuzzy mathematics and the western contemporary new genres, and carry out the principle of integrating theory with practice, focus on exploring new methodology for aesthetic inspiration from a combination of the two, seeking the path of the development of aesthetics.
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