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Date of publication:2004-02   Press: Chinese Youth Press   Author:Zhou Yongping   Pages:427  

The main content of the book is composed of "research" poverty of migrant population in Beijing interviews and Research Report, the research by the China Youth University for Political Science Department of social work and the China Youth University for Political Science China on youth development and policy commitment, the specific design and implementation by Zhou Yongping responsible for the project. Dr. Chen Tao has done a lot of preparatory work for the project, including consulting, combing the relevant literature, puts forward the research ideas and thinking etc.. The field investigation from 2002 to start in mid March, an early end to early April, and later on the part of the family to come back again. Investigation of this study is the scene depth interview. Visitor except for long time and respondents conversation, the respondents family also interview the details of life observation, analysis and interviews and field observation case writing. Case analysis according to the unified format of writing, including the "poor", "poverty", "the respondents to the poor feel, hope, requirements", "the prospects of the analysis judgment" and so on, case analysis did not included in this book, Zhou Yongping according to a 100 interview records and analysis reference these case studies report writing, as an appendix in the book.
the interview records were extremely modest cuts, and unified with "* * * oral record" as the title, dictating the order made some adjustments in a book. In the part of oral record, access to personnel with some observations recorded content, as long as the content with their statement does not repeat, basically be retained, in the text used to distinguish between imitation song.
in each oral record home attached to the original investigation registration form photocopies, and made the respondents family home location diagram, if the respondents and headed home is not in the same province, according to the home made.
second part "I want to read" is further planning content.
book took a commentary, commentary content on behalf of commentators view. The commentary content for line marking.
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Zhou Yongping, of China Youth University for Political Science China youth development and policy institute. In twentieth Century 70 years in rural Heilongjiang to jump the queue and teaching period, depth contact and then went to the northeast of Shandong, Hebei and other places of farmers. 80's at the Peking University under the tutelage of Mr. Fei Xiaotong learning urban and rural sociology, in 1988 won the doctorate in sociology. Has been engaged in social science application research and social investigation.
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Dedication (Zhao Yong) Product Description: Han Jun ordered pieces, edge, industrial workers and - Dan sequence: open a door Lu Jianhua order: in them can see much more Xie Qin Yafeng order: I asked Grandpa Wen table a state the first part they say Zhang Fenglan dictating attached: three visits (Joe Fang Liangfu Liu Guizhen Yuan Banglun Zhao Yuxiang Song Yanli Zhang Weiyuan Li Yongfang Tang Yuqing Ma Shizhen Zhang Lin Jia Fengxian Zhao Honglei Du Fengjiao Yang Fengxia Ping Ping Branch Jiang Yuzhi gold 光印) Jin Chengliang oral record dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation dictating Tian Hou oil dictation dictation of Tang Shucui Hu Gongguo Wan Si Bo Zhengqing Guo 去录 dictation dictation dictation dictation dictation...... The second part I want to read the third part Gui Wei Laba to Jia Shen lantern
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"They" have a look is a famous sociologist Fei Xiaotong wrote the title, a famous expert on rural issues, the State Council Development Research Center of rural studies department minister Han Jun, CCTV host Jing Yidan, Haidian District Hongxing migrant schools in Xie Qin, preface, record and report consists of "research" poverty of migrant population in Beijing interview.
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