Guan Yu, Guan Yu and Guan Sheng

Date of publication:2002-1-1   Press: Social Science Document Press   Author:Lu Xiaoheng   Pages:428   Words:335000  
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Chinese historical culture in the Guan Yu Conference on word China cultural history of Guan Yu academic seminar opening ceremony -- Kanba Nodo empathy st and Chinese social values I to China unified view and vision generals group only one person -- Guan Yu God of Jurassic Da Wei elaborate China in civil society "loyalty": from my and Cao Mengde a hatred mentions Guan Yu worship formed from "the emperor had recurrent map" to see the relationship between belief and Taoism belief in Guangong study introduces the Qing Xianfeng edition "Bible" Wu Di Ming from Taipei Gong Guan Gong in Taiwan look for civil society influence sigh zhe Xiong Tan Zhong Gong Taiwan said on the meaning of the belief in Guandi and the educational function of "public" in the political ideology of the status in the Ming Dynasty and popular Guan Yu play the characteristics of Guan Yu and Yan Yili's history of Guan Gong Guan Yu and Jingzhou Guan Yu catalog as the ultimate concern of Guan Yu thoughts on the phenomenon of "Yuefu Poetry" from the album "close" "Jingmen" see through our history of the three countries of Jingzhou for the "three" and Kanba Takabe: the case of the Su Shi and Guan Yu worship China three religions and humanism and coagulation Guan Yu worship in poly Force -- a summary of the Symposium on @##@ Guan Yu appendix postscript Chinese in historical culture The book from different angles to the Guan Yu and Guan Yu China history worship formed, each time the worship of Guan Yu case is discussed. Guan Yu was just the period of the Three Kingdoms Shuhan of a member of the fights, and compared with that of many of Wu Yi's strength in war, and nothing special, but after his death, along with the time change, Guan Yu became commander, be equal to anything can compose and perform military exercises, and the gods, be tied in with "Wensheng" Confucius "Sheng", emperors to the the title is beyond count, from the original Hanshou tinghou, until the emperor Guan Sheng, have everything that one expects to find. Guan Yu not only for the rulers respected, more people worship the image, widely circulated in the masses of the people, from ancient times to the present, has not rest. Can say, the worship of Guan Yu China culture has become a unique part. This book is from the history, literature, religion and other aspects, the worship of Guan Yu formation, the Guan Yu worship and its reason, discusses the system. The author has a historian, literary historian, also has a religious scholar, historian of philosophy, they are from different angles, the worship of Guan Yu phenomenon is discussed, both the specific history narrative, there are theoretical analysis, from which we can understand many interesting phenomena from Guan Yu to God evolution in, also can get to know different era, different classes of people, Guan Yu worship of the different starting points and its appeal. Not only that, the author will Guan Yu worship on the Chinese traditional culture in some unique content, such as justice, advocating honesty etc.. In short, this book is not only on the worship of Guan Yu phenomenon, but also to Chinese people to worship the gods, is the traditional culture of China some unique content, worth reading.
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