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"Greed" is a straight into the heart of insult. Eat too much children or the payment of a Feng directors may beg people use more gentle words to describe them, but the expression of contempt and demonstrations banners parents title or such a view. Greedy. The word is never in the brain or heart unnecessary entanglement, but directly into the navel following parts. It sounded angry, ironic and turn one's stomach. It greatly reduces the narcissist, rich man and the authorities flaunty talk with eloquence. It is the weak hands a beautiful small arms. Greed is an informer, when we would rather ignore the body and instinct or deny their associated, but to point out the existing. For hundreds of years, we have been looking for more decent way to talk about greed, but even the most successful attempt ("self interest", "individualism") still seems powerless to quibble. The western scholars have spare no effort to educate our thoughts, the greed out of our body, the result is we on the "economic", "history" or "cultural" records become lifeless, pale dull. What is worse, we create a deadly illusion, thought that the modernization of institutions such as banks, companies or government has gone beyond the human emotional whims, it can make us from attack. This book to the greedy as a pointer, the affective factors to return to academic explanation. Relationship between the greedy desire and growth monitoring, the measure of our own body in conflict with the continuous expansion of desire. Ordinary people know that greed is not only an idea, but also a gut feeling, but we, as scholars, whether can benefit from the concept of common sense?

More food for the family, to win more wealth for the country, these honored ambition Is it right? Can escape the greed of the accused? What is because modern become greedy, or because of greed became modern? Growth can be used as a reasonable excuse for the greedy? Company or the government really beyond human emotional about? They can therefore from greed charges? Greedy so harbour evil designs to crouch in from animal to human on the threshold, remove the peel of modern theory of "rational egoism.
", "individualism" concept sewing whitewash.
the vivid and novel works widely discussed how greed is in our life and work in the whole wide world. Western philosophy has the human passion academic, it expands the desire to explain our "rational self interest" to defend. However, to examine the greedy instinct strength so that we can see the modern theory of indifferent boring. This show us the differences, making false and buried the moral crisis between biological perspective and historical angle, we the significance of growth has become so confused. This book is a guide to greed, consider how these meanings can be re integration.
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The first chapter preface greed we mean considering what semantics instinct moral structure words: need, desire, to measure the second chapter animal urges due to greed and desire to give reasonable thinking dignity erase feeling create rational self interest the third chapter discipline greed greed and psychological greed and culture of greed and gene entities from the fourth chapter of scholars and idiot common sense about witchcraft as stupid greed greed defense to grow the fifth chapter feeling and meaning of growing bodies grow images meaningful growth and greedy meaning sixth chapter growth and history and necessary moment, life and times why we want more of the seventh chapter greedy farmers and growing hunger, jealousy and slow starvation and development history and the flow of farmers eighth chapter cupidity and endowment golden age aging crisis generation war? The ninth chapter misunderstanding growth venal professional salaries rise of class salary and wage growth and increasing salaries stratum fading "executive compensation Guo Feng" chapter tenth corporate greed annotated references
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As Christopher Bailey in his book "luxury" pointed out, "to say that people can not know how to condition a thing is unreasonable. But if they need some did not notice is justified." Need because of can not rely on language understanding and exchanges and more powerful, but they are not thinking activity, which will give up their greed for the function to find a rational explanation has brought a fundamental difficulty. Try to make a single will inevitably bring us from feeling the core content into the specific language, history and geography. Even the classic need lists -- food, clothing and shelter -- also seems unlikely: it is the oldest written in the Nordic region, clothes there is certainly better than in the south of Sultan is much more important. If the list is in accordance with the order, it will once again confirms the development of the body gradually externalized, and on this basis we almost indefinitely to add all kinds of demand. Bourebbou Luke first summed up our most basic needs: "to the environment and to establish the relationship between life support," food and water, drainage, exercise, rest and sleep, and other kinds of "is essential to keep our bodies in all important aspects of the good". But he had to in the list and some for social functions rather than physical function is necessary things: company, education, "accept and identity", "sex", avoid the harassment and fear, and entertainment -- "". But how do we draw the line between the required and no entertainment? Is to weigh themselves say something instead of looking for clues in their physical and social environment. The interaction between a want for doing word games. If you want to go to what things, you can place it in the life sustaining needs level. Thus commercial directors can make a reasonable explanation of his luxury cars and leather floor, said it was essential for him to "make a living". The contents of the advertisements are so. In this time I can encourage you to hedonism "indulgence" yourself, or you "deserve".Chinese cars to yourself, and if I can make you a letter have a Volvo is related to a physical, life or death for you and your children, you can resist? As long as I have enough witty tongue, I can get anything from tomato sauce to mobile phone like is crucial. But too act recklessly and care for nobody to want said to be soon made the real must fall.......
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