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Date of publication:1999-11   Press: New World Press   Author:(United States) Larry king.   Pages´╝Ü351  

The book disclosed the famous host Larry Kim never broadcast or published interviews, took us on a about politics, religion, media, war and peace, money and art and so on the road to the future. These data to cause our reflection and surprised at the same time, will also provide us with insight about another tomorrow.
Author brief introduction

Larry gold (LARRYKING) is
Cable TV USA net "Larry gold time" show host
. In the talk show (TALK
SHOW) for 40 years, he received the honor award including
, (PEABODY), 5
outstanding talent award and the best broadcaster award.
Larry gold in his programs encountered many
the world's most powerful and influential people in
. In this book, the first disclosure of interview data of some
never broadcast or published, La
Rui, gold took us a road about politics, religion, media
, war and peace, money,
work, travel, sports and art, not
to go on.
Larry gold interviews include: To investigate the empty
before the challenges facing humanity and history with
Fu Jie Gould; discuss the risks families face and Maria White Aird
.; to explore the relationship between politics and the media with Tim
and Doris Kearns, w.
to President Goodwin predicted not to have what kind of ability; about the military's
development and about
General John Shah Rycus Velli; and Bill Gates explores how computer and
the Internet into our life; and C,
Ayer Wright, Cooper on government and welfare.
industry the continuous development of the multilateral discussions and rice;
special, cell of world economy and America such as
positioning themselves; on Wall Street investors in life will
qualitative influence is more and more small and Alfred Beck
Li; and Bob
Kostas explores the development of sports and the variable
; issue critical views on art and Maya Angelo and Peter Mark
Si; and '
G Meads Rudge discussion we will wear.
tomorrow You; and Stephen Connell discuss before we
to see what programs.
in these interviews, a candid
opinions, there are stubborn views, predictive Le
view, also have a pessimistic tone. No matter how these views in
, cause our reflection and
surprised at the same time, it will provide us with an insight about the other
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who we are

war and Peace Science, medicine and technology

Art Education (a)

sports media air traffic
Art (two)

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