First East Ring

Date of publication:2000-1   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:Gu Jianzhong   Pages:359   Words:293000  

Gu Jianzhong, Shanghai, deputy director of the Shanghai TV editor in chief. Members of the Shanghai Film Association, Chinese broadcast Association executive director of the third TV Science Research council. The amateur writing career began in the early eighty, more than ten years of industry, film, television, theater creation, fiction, prose, poetry, essays, articles, multi genre works over 100 million words. Works can be seen in "movie creation
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Build small note first East Ring (TV literature script) red card (Drama) new journey to the West (Drama) chivalrous Rehe (Drama) Castle air (TV literature script) shots, penetrate the soul (Drama) after @##@ remember In this collection of readers, he is selected from the works of the six film and television literature collection and script. Named "Oriental first ring" as a gift to the new century, the six works are historical themes, the realistic theme, subject of industry, rural theme, also has the public security subject matter, in the form of drama, comedy, tragedy, also is the theatre of the absurd, the radiation surface are quite broad, see details in life and writing deep the ability of. In the industrial genre, he created to build Republic Plaza builders of advanced characters, in the rural subject, eulogizing the rural holding civilization at the same time, the importance of spiritual poverty alleviation; in the public security subject, the exposed party unwholesome tendencies cover with the harsh realities of crime, in addition to having warning significance, but also set up correct the image of the party; in history, division heavy people, to portray the characters throughout the play, the prevailing social customs are also introduced; in the absurd drama, with absurd techniques show the character of the people, condemns hideous, sing the praises of justice and light.
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