Eight of the world

Date of publication:2002-10-01   Press: Tianjin Ancient Books Publishing House   Author:Wei Xinhua   Pages:558   Words:340000  

This is a from the characteristics of thinking and behavior habits of the angle of the classification of human book.
is the most difficult to ponder. "Eight world" can teach you to identify all kinds of people, give you a pair of "piercing eye". The life in the thousands of changes, change rapidly age people are still important. This is conducive to the formation of healthy young world view, for all kinds of people to overcome the traditional old disease and age weak point, to help people wandering in to find the light and confidence, is a rare and guide the life maze books.
will each movement of people, even a look, dig out behind the psychological background, to be arranged, the rise of a new theory, as a study of human system, in this sense, this is a new book.
Author brief introduction

Wei Xinhua was born in Jiangsu Province, urban and rural Wei Pao Lou Cun, Pi county war.
grandfather was a peasant ingredients, then applied to the government for land is land not fat, but also turned into a poor peasant.
was born in 1954 in Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou City, Jiawang coal mine. With the parents go to work to mobilize the Jiangsu, Shandong, Qinghai, sichuan. In 1993 Beijing.
1976 graduated from Chengdu Institute of traditional Chinese medicine (now
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The first chapter preface preface of awareness of the characteristics of the three factors and second chapter Eighth World -- peasant third chapter Seventh World -- ruffian fourth chapter sixth world -- new peasant fifth chapter fifth world -- Open peasant sixth chapter Fourth World -- the ordinary routine seventh chapter third world -- Yin and Yang cream type eighth chapter second the world's first world -- the smart ninth chapter -- creating the tenth chapter one type of cross end: An Anthology of philosophical and social enterprise culture and film reviews of medical
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