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Zhou Muzhi: Policy Research and academic research and scholar, doctor of economics. Born in 1963 in Hunan Province, Changsha City, served in the original China national machinery ministry, 1991-1994 years as a researcher in Japan on the development of Institute of Japan's industrial policy and land policy, 1995-2002 served as director of research at the Japan International Development Center, engaged in the development Chinese property
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Development of the pattern of the world changes change Xu Wen Xu chapter world pattern and Chinese symbols of the second festival in twenty-first Century Chinese challenge first Chinese big city group development strategy in the first chapter China "world factory" of the first section of the information revolution and the "world factory", the protagonist of alternating second industrial agglomeration: inhibition of city from the full set of the global supply chain type third coastal city China group rising second chapters: China modern history tragedy first section of the new Chinese industrialization from the Westernization Movement to the government of Nanjing second festival the first stage (1949-1978) third China second stages of industrialization (1978 - present) Chapter fifth chapter the basic objectives of information revolution and city development sixth new model some important topic fourth chapter China city social development faces the third chapter China city of big city group development strategy second city development strategy case first chapter second strategic development of Jiangsu City chapter in the Pearl River Delta city group construction analysis of the third chapter of "the city of third Harry Porter phenomenon" of the dialogue first chapter City: in twenty-first Century China The road of the development of the second chapter of information revolution in the city the selection of modes of the third chapter of information economy and the international metropolis of the fourth chapter in Pearl River Delta city group: the inevitable road to the fifth chapter of coastal city group development and western big development @##@. "Ding is a country is also." From space, support Chinese twenty-first Century big Ding is the big city group of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Tangshan area. Center of economic and population China will more and more to the three big city cluster. The three big city will become the largest scale, the highest population density of the city space, will become the economic body has great influence on the world economy. How to build a large-scale, high density city group space and high efficiency, human based civil society is a big challenge in twenty-first Century Chinese. This book focuses on the development of big city in the global economic integration, the information revolution and the development of new manufacturing mode group.
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