Date of publication:2002-01   Press: Xiyuan Publishing House   Author:A Zheng   Pages:395   Words:330000  

A (Zheng Junyan), born in 1962, fujian. After graduating from Xiamen University in 1984, is engaged in the book editor, theoretical research, cultural criticism, and television, newspapers and the large-scale cultural activities planned. Has recorded 9 "list of National Youth Publishing theorist", "China review 30" and press "new generation ten elite" etc.. Former "2000 humanists Antarctic line" activities
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What is the problem of a century of dialogue dialogue Zhou Guoping Shu Yi one of the charm of traditional culture and traditional culture? Two "the disaster" of traditional culture in the traditional culture of the essence and dross of traditional culture and traditional culture in contemporary society is the century of Oriental culture? Dialogue between the two Xu Ming Huang cultural translation, language translation, West Bridge at the beginning of twenty-first Century Chinese influence on the modern history of the birth of the master? What is the translation of the introduction of the principle? What is the possible dialogue China culture to the world of the three Zhu Jun Yang Fan after the Chinese cultural exchange opens its gates affected the mentality and national strength substantial barriers and language communication, the best way to communicate? The clash of civilization has come of age? Cultural exchange in the "deficit" dialogue four Yang Dongping Xu Youyu school fractional Kingdom memory of school education in twenty years China education scores and quality education is what? What to test, how to test? Tomorrow's educational dialogue five Li Pin had just built newspapers in modern society culture Chinese press press investigation necessary situation? Dialogue and the transition of market of newspapers and newspaper trend and excellent case the six An Boshun Zhang Shengyou Book best-selling change book a house of gold bestsellers bestsellers bestsellers and personality conflicts operations overseas publishers can give us what enlightenment? The new trend of the world and the birth of cartoon dialogue seven Ge Luo Matt cartoon culture was born twentieth Century in fairy tales cartoon cartoon effect on children's Chinese and foreign cartoon cartoon in the gap of human ideal and our strategy Chinese cartoon future machine TV issue orders left and right dialogue eight Yang Dongping time TV's powerful and limitations restrict television factors: television and intellectual marriage of television as what style? The network will become the television rivals? Dialogue nine wind Gu Jianfen pop secular Lyric in dispute rise what and how to express the successful expression of which elements? Music and TV is a successful attempt? Business trends and copyright protection dialogue ten Nanfan Gefei vanguard novel eternal rebel dialogue eleven Huafu Qiu Zhijie painting digital copy times visual exploration of dialogue twelve Liu Xinwu Qiu Huadong building cultural city imitate each other dialogue thirteen He Huaihong Lu Sheng Zhang advertising power and artistic dialogue fourteen Gu Beijian Peng Jianfeng corporate culture profit behind the soul dialogue fifteen Danya forest feminism gender struggle between the sixteen dialogue Yang Dongping Hu Xiaowei ballad from the folk history echo dialogue seventeen Chen Xinhua Nanfan sports what is the "Olympic spirit" dialogue eighteen Mao Xiangdong Nanfan network to reshape our culture @##@. This book discusses the cultural evolution and China fate in a dialogue form. Including the problem for a century of traditional culture between East and West, translation, language bridge, after the Sino foreign cultural exchanges the gate opens etc..
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