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Date of publication:2003-08   Press: Jiangsu people's Publishing House   Author:Li Yinhe   Pages:301   Words:230000  

This book is China's famous scholars of Mr Li Yinhe's latest achievements on the research of Chinese and foreign culture. The author tries to world cultural exchange in the context of changing context, briefly summarize the Chinese and foreign culture, combined with the evolution of the history of ideas at home and abroad, briefly analyzes the relationship between social norms Chinese idea, behavior, and the history and current situation of. Author from the academic standpoint, through the different society and different culture, describes and analyzes the social or cultural issues in all sorts of ideas and arguments, and resulting changes attitudes and behavior. The book also introduced the related legal problems involved in the problem of foreign research and debate in. All these are helpful to Chinese readers understand the general situation of domestic and foreign related issues for discussion and research at present. As a scholar, the author also tries to Chinese society further adjustment and perfection of regulations, policies and regulations and establish your recommendations to a new and healthy culture.
Author brief introduction

Li Yinhe, born in 1952 in Beijing. China Academy of Social Sciences researcher, Professor, tutor of doctoral students, University of Pittsburgh, Peking University America sociology, sociology postdoctoral. The main works include: "the culture of homosexuality", "Chinese sex and marriage", "," queer theory -- 90's western thoughts "," Chinese female sex and love ". Professor Li Yinhe is
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The first chapter is a preface premarital sexual behavior, behavior change two, attitude change three, four quantitative study, qualitative study, five Chinese also appeared the sexual revolution of second chapters on sex outside marriage, a change in behavior two, attitude change three, four quantitative study, qualitative study five, shall restore the adultery law third chapter one, the history of masturbation masturbation, masturbation behavior cognition two incidence was three, the qualitative research, fourth chapter four how to treat masturbation sexual pleasure, pleasure a cognitive history two, sexual pleasure was three, qualitative analysis of four, how to treat sexual pleasure fifth chapter gay, homosexuality exists in two, the incidence of homosexuality three, the lesbian qualitative research, sixth chapter four views on homosexuality, Sadomasochism a sm incidence two, SM subculture characteristic three, set of four, how to treat SM seventh chapter prostitution, history and current situation of two, three, foreign practices feminism about prostitution, prostitution debate of the four measures of the eighth chapter obscene goods, obscene goods status two, qualitative research, three West on the obscene goods theory For four, feminism about obscene goods over ninth chapters and gender, feminism around issues of controversy sex difference two, three, four, the problem of domestic violence feminist political order notes and bibliography afterword
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"I and I love the people say, dig the corner too tired, I want to live with him. He didn't agree, that should be divorced. He stepped up to divorce after coming home, but not into each other, and make a field, make him stand, went abroad." "I put 'do one thing under cover of another', but he is careful of her colleagues in the image, in the image of their own children, what can't I do." "My boyfriend now want to divorce me, he has the determination I won't stop. His wife is very strange to him. If he really divorce to marry me, I will have the guilt of his wife, I will take good care of her." A divorced woman about her an affair: "after I returned to the single life, loved a married man. He was a tall, full of masculinity, look very black, the voice is very thick, heavy beard face, his character is very introverted, peculiar manly man. He reminds me, I really love is this kind of person. We are traveling on the train chatting. He particularly liked me. He said, 'my words than on the train this few days with you say the words'. At the beginning I feel guilty, though I love him very much, but I don't want to ruin his family. I'm old hide him. He is a conservative person, his wife is sick, he has to take care of her. She never doubted that he was having an affair. He was here I also never said his wife. I have been afraid to go to him. He wrote me a letter, the letter said, hear my new boyfriend and friends die, he cares for me, ask me what is the reason. I saw my heart feel warm. Once I had a girlfriend and speak of this thing, she very trendy, said, since you like he should go for. Then she would find me somebody to go, one started to go. She saw that he, let him go to have a look I. Since they met, half the time I contact and this person is very limited, I know she just went straight to him, want to drill to sew, he thought this to look down on me, because he is a model husband, I seem to have inordinate ambitions like what. Then I will write a letter, want to make it clear, be afraid to cause misunderstanding, affect our friendship. I attached a stamp to the envelope and mail or not, I want to explain to him. I think of this way and that, with this letter to find him, I met him to read the letter. He is very comforting, he said he knew * * (with something for my girlfriend) is well intentioned. He said I would be at ease. I asked him how he considered, he said, I am afraid bad to you, you are a single woman, just looking for object. I said, we the people there think me an old fogey, to tell you the truth, * * it to you because I said to find a husband for you. He said, I am a better impression on you. He confessed to me now: he loves me. After that we separated, he again for a couple of days later, he wrote me a letter, and he in addition to wife also did not give any woman wrote. He is seven or eight years older than me, he said to my brother, may help me to do all kinds of things. It has a time we met in the street, he pinched my arm, I had a desire for him from the psychological to physiological, for about two days, what also do not go. At the end of the discussion, he asked me if I would try, if you don't like, just send me back immediately. I didn't agree to that, then we tried, IWhy not? I and man's interest is aroused, and he is I really want to take the initiative to close. I feel very harmonious, feel myself fully into a girl, he male waves melted my voice, even become soft. I say, people say I like a boy, he said no, I think you are a typical girl. We then had two or three. I think there is no wall, broke up with him. I have not seen him for half a year." A single woman said she married to a love imprint is engraved on my heart.: "there is a heavy rain, the wind blowing, the wind to take off the branches, flying all off. I very want to see him, riding a car came to his home in the rain, a raincoat nor wearing, then sprinkle. I went to his house stood at the window watching for a moment, then in a dark corridor stood for a moment. A listen to, immediately frighten 'all' run down. I was so infatuated." Extramarital love not necessarily sexual content, this knowledge is more common in women. A sexual apathy woman says of her extramarital affair: "I had an affair, but no sex outside marriage. Because I was doesn't like sex; that no can do, do is infidelity, even let people find. He had such a request. Our relationship is at most a half a year. When the husband is not around, may be lonely. I think this matter will not affect and her husband's feelings, he is sensitive, delicate, but not be narrow-minded. The woman is weak, with the hope that people often talk about. We also talked about the feelings, but not too much. Working together for a long time, between men and women is produced than the general friends a bit deeper feelings." The investigation object views on love affairs can be summarized as the basic denial and basic affirmation two categories, they are people of the position (is a betrayal of the person or betrayed), couples, couples personality factors. Look at the stern or general opposition: a married woman of many years old 30 conversation is very representative in the wives of lovers view. She said: "once my treat, a married friend of my husband's a little lover. She is 26 years old, worn expose one's chest and back. I'm angry. I said to my husband: when you have brought her to don't call me, call me don't call her, asked her to come to our demonstrations or dry what? If I love a little lover come home, still not I fainted! "" my husband once suddenly said to me: outside the temptation of many, in the future if I do what matter, you must forgive me once, in exchange, I will forgive you once -- if you do what. I heard very angry, and he shouted. His long outside marriage, I take a child at home, so hard. He put in a unit, be punished, I never wanted to leave him. He's such a demand. He said such a thing I particularly aggrieved. I believe that he has not done what many times, but he said to me, people can not only love one life; our marriage will severely test requirements; in men and women on different, women are not susceptible to lure men, men to women temptation; I afraid if encounter what temptation, can't you forgive me, this home will be scattered, so when this happens, you must pull me. I said, how do I know you 拉不拉得 back. He said, seafarers abroad also brothels. I said, you shouldn't say such words to me. Perhaps other women can compromise, but I can't stand the. He said these words, my heart will live, I can find a person who really loves me. He always said to me that, he did not think it will harm my feelings for him. If you want to love you, you should say how to love each other, but can't say how do you love someone." "I don't have no male seduction. Because my husband and I separated two long, a lot of men looking for me, I don't go in there. But as long as there is the possibility of my all, avoid, avoid, and some simply do not speak. I have a classmate, his wife is a worker, he is not a good feeling, he want to be my lover. His principle is, to solve this thing, married is not. Then I said to him: we'll be friends." A married man pursuit of single women said: "although he said to me, 'my life without you do' this words, but I do not want to encourage him to this relationship. He is old love seduce girls, so I won't and he good, I can not accept him in other girls. Once I was at his house. He took a phone call, to find an excuse to go downstairs. I have to go back home. A downstairs, saw him with a girl accidentally, from another sneaking down the stairs. Riding in a red light, I made a bad, practical joke like from them with her past, deliberately let him see me, let him know that I see him." "When he was abroad, let me live in his house, and I take care of his mother, I said no problem. When he came back home, I think a roof can not and he live in underground, can pack up and ready to move out. He would think I would stay, but I still go. My bones very traditional, very conservative. If I stay, he was abroad, the blow will be particularly large. I can't touch can not reach. This is not respect for his wife and child. I think the relationship and so, as did not occur." A divorced woman said: "I have a very good girlfriend. I know, her husband loves me.......
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People often ask me: Why study? The beginning and I do not care about, people ask more, also caused me to ask: why should I study? Reading early in the USA, I read this book many, after returning to engage in Research Institute of document preparation more emphasis on Social Science in this field. Golden West, Masters and Johnson, until Foucault. However, so far, I only answer to the "what", "why did not answer". Why? First of all, is my growth environment and social atmosphere. I belong to the twentieth Century born in 50, 60In a generation, enter adolescence 70's marriage. In the past 30 years, "sex" this thing is a monster in the Chinese. In all public places, it never present; but in all the hidden places, it is omnipresent. In the words of Wang Xiaobao, the social is "positive" and "negative" side, the side of. People in the "Yang" side faces; in the "Yin" side is another face; say a words in the "Yang" occasion; say another word in "Yin". "" this topic is "Yin" in the world. During those 30 years, because of the "Yin", people's concept is distorted. Until now, the human body the organ or be given far different from the brain, heart, hand, foot these organs significance, value and importance. For all the sex related, especially to prevent, it seems that it is the root of all evil (Lewdness is the worst of all). How can this abnormal phenomenon is not aroused my curiosity? Anyway, I just want to make clear: we Chinese why in the "quality" problem will be so twisted, so sick, so depressed. For example, the get a bit like revolutionaries do underground work, feeling a little adventurous challenges, a little aberration mischievous feel, plus a bit of avant-garde rebellious feeling. Secondly, with the right on, so it is worth studying. In the field of basic rights, many things and people concerned, such as people can masturbation? Women can requirement active? Gay couples can get married? "Lovers can organize their own clubs? People can legally buy and enjoy the use of text, image and video product? Who can sell their bodies? People can participate in more than 3 activities...... Chinese culture has always stressed the obligation, neglect of the rights. People are accustomed to in order to duty and sacrifice their own rights. In our culture, the rights of the individual are often in the name of society and the state of suppressed. Frome said the European Middle Ages said: "at that time, has not yet formed a 'personal'." In the contemporary China, people are still depressed in the name of social, national and cultural representation, precisely because we here in the "personal" has not yet formed. Therefore, the obligation is good, right is bad; the obligation is a virtue, to the right is evil; obligations by the testimonial, to right depreciated. If the Chinese for economic, political, personal safety, personal right has been a bit, then in the field, the individual can have what right have no concept. In the stretch of personal rights, it is not be in the right and self-confident, but is guilty shortness of breath very. For a long time, Chinese has been in a "talking about the mere mention" social atmosphere, moral conservative people never give up the pure social morality and make them tend to asceticism target. After China portion of the population into the modern city life, individualism gradually obtained the proper position, also gradually in the idea of people and egoistic self-interest to distinguish. More and more people to the awareness of their rights, some "quasi group" has gradually become "interest groups" (Dahrendorf language), they hope to use their rights, realize their own interests, to fight for and protect their rights as general of an individual and as a member of an interest group's special rights. In this struggle, and rights related are these individuals or groups mentioned in the schedule. Finally, with the happy, therefore worthy of attention. Since 1840, the ancient China poor and weak, in many ways behind the west, with a poor sick, miserable appearance in this world. In a food and clothing without solving the poverty of society, the request will not put forward, people will not notice whether they have sexual pleasure. This is the reason why before the reform and opening up 30 years of never entered people's field of vision.......
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  •   Li Yinhe's book, although she and previous books have some repetition, but in general is to make people interested in.

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