Crossing the Century Gate

Date of publication:2000-10   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:Shen Mingxian editor   Pages:413   Words:304000  

The mankind is entering the twenty-first Century, in the moment of the turn of the century, review the history of human civilization is people do at every turn of the century time thing, can show the development speed of material we human and spiritual civilization. This book will be a major practice, every turn of the century in the world academic thinking, inventing a story, in chronological order, for thousands of years to become human understanding, transforming the nature, society and its own history, help the reader understand the whole human civilization footprint at the turn of the century, this moment the step, has the sense of milepost type. The book is rich in content, readability is strong, with a lot of photos, illustrations, reading collection has special value.
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In 900 BC the Homeric epics of the eternal charm in 500 BC, Confucius politics of Confucian political theory history the first page in 500 BC, Pythagoras died "number is God" in 399 B.C., Socrates was sentenced to death "death is a good play really began!" In 100 BC, Su Wu northbound hopeless watch in the year 1 ad, the establishment of Jesus was crucified after A.D. 100, the Empire of Rome entered into a period of great prosperity to decline from a golden age in the 200 years of the battle of Guandu is weak to strong Cao Cao Yuan Shao in third Century, Christian monasticism originated monasticism; the pursuit of a social ideal in the year 300, Lu Bao the "theism" money money, what? In 399 ad, was significant departure from Changan, pilgrimage to the west travel Tianzhu, forget oneself and law in the year 500, "Wen Xin Diao Long" out of Chinese have a style of one's own aesthetics in the year 600, don Xuan Zang was pushing forward despite repeated frustrations, go for the year 700, Wu Zetian unwilling to remain out of the limelight untold queen in AD 700, Song Xan Gan Bbu built the Potala Palace Plateau Pearl at the beginning of the eighth Century, the romantic poet Li Bai was born "waterfalls three thousand feet" in the year 800, the Pope crowned as king of France and confluence: prayer support force in 900 AD, the Mayan civilization by Sheng Zhuanshuai Indian, the cradle of culture in 1000, the first millennium the millennium and the accompanying? In Eleventh Century, the inquisition uncovered in Europe in the Middle Ages the dark page of millions of the ghost cries about religious court in 1001 "the tale of Genji" from the heart of women work in 1009, University of Oxford form gradually became nearly a thousand years glorious immortal......
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