Cross cultural dialogue 29 series ("Intercultural Dialogue" series)

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Incisive analysis and Professor Zhang Pei in the "liberation" of literature in the paper tells us that even in the west, the so-called "literature independence" is in fact not the ancient. Hagel on the significance of the "end of art" is one of the important philosophical basis. "Hagel said 'art, including literature, so the' art 'end is also the end of literature. What is the end of literature? The answer is' self ': after the end of literature is only for literature. The so-called 'self', that is in itself for the purpose. As an end in itself or its purpose 'literature is no longer to' spirit, and spread out in time is the 'world history' objective for the purpose, so it is not the purpose of. Its purpose and no purpose, this is the paradox of modern 'literature', it is also the crux of the problem." It is in this sense, Zhang Pei thinks, "" independence "in fact has become a" literature of the middle". Therefore, rather than from the disciplinary demarcations sense of literature is a kind of "progress", rather than the modern event itself already contains a deletion and crisis. As a member of the modern discipline system, if we have to admit that in the literature as a kind of "scientific research" sense, the so-called internal research has enough attention the rationality of words, then, we will also should see, the inside and outside of the don't in fact only a stopgap measure. After all, no literature in vacuum, we should not and can not truly anatomy in vivo of literature "". The more important question is not simply the sense of discipline. Literature of the "self", the separation of literature and thinking and the spirit of literature and the "world history" alienation, both blocking our understanding of literature in the whole possibility, also blocked the whole of our understanding of the world the possibility of literature through the. By Professor Hu JihuaIn the "intermediary" absolute metaphors: literature and thought of the words, the relationship between literature and ideology two entirely not mutually dependent, but a kind of "absolute metaphor" relationship, you have me, I have you. This not only means that Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky or Shakespeare is a writer, but also a rare thinker; it not only means, Hagel, Nietzsche, Heidegger thought of the junior high school often have Alfonso Fochler J, Gerd and Holderlin found in it; even, this also means more than Germany, Lessing is the father of modern drama. Is writing "the Natan", writing "Ernst and Falck", wrote "on the human education", and Rousseau is the "social contract", "on the origin of human inequality and foundation" the author, but also "Emile", "Yi" and "new aurora silk a lonely wanderer the author thought". Of course we must know the. Must learn how to use reading poetry and drama way of reading the usually called philosophy paper or text, or even have to learn not to let "war and peace" at the end of those boring historical philosophy and to understand how to interpret the passage, Heidegger Platon in the "landmark" in the "allegory of the cave"...... But we again "literature and history of ideas on this topic, there is a particular need to mention the purpose.......
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Coil a language
Chinese pride?
Rome Texun
cross cultural Declaration on

a possible trend of interviews with scholars of
Europe back words -- can we imagine a return to the status quo ante about current Chinese and Western cultural exchange will pass?
the complexity thinking about
on complexity of thought of "Dao" Moran's
complex actions and thinking methods of our time on
improved our complicated world: the age of enlightenment.
dialogue, or double logic: a basic principle about
Lal Zach Moran complexity thinking methods: action and thought long struggle in the Francois art collective
Julien research
the multicultural: - the ideological differences in language resources, or how to brew future dialogue
method and reading -- Francois Julien and interpretation of the Chinese philosophy of
and channel -- on how to connect the philosophical differences into cultural space philosophy of
disturb and views about even in the seminars and interviews to
methodology research of
"divination" to "theology" and "ideographic" of the "alphabet"
way possible solution and reasonable solution
game, game, Qiao Yi
China to other horizons of expectations -- "Agama · parade" translation of accept of

Review on the Poetics of "common poetics"
on "common poetics"
Classical Western "brute facts" -- Aristotle "Poetics" in contemporary China accept and modern
problems of
new classical reading
Natural Law and contract theory and Saint - Confucianism from the perspective of Sociology of
Issa "Upanishads" India wisdom: the cornerstone of
nature and Law: "Zhou, Han Guang" sample
literature and history of ideas
host language
in "Wen" and "Dao" between
"Literature" the liberation of
"absolute metaphor" of literature and thought of the intermediate
about ancient "legislation some thoughts on poetry" -- St. Augustine "city of God" critique of Varro
relationship between Chinese and foreign literature studies of
the host language
relationship between Chinese and foreign literature historical study and its disciplinary value
in law culture (Literature) communication history in dialogue style -- a fee on slow long "Socrates and Kong Fuzi dialogue" as an example of
from "John Chinese letters" see "relationship between the eastern letters" genre works and Chinese subject
envoy in Qing Dynasty and Western Literature -- on Mr. Qian Zhong book An academic point of view
as cultural exchange field "freehand" view on drama "
Byron imagine imagine China and Byron -- from the perspective of the history of disaster
> show us west coast writers around the Pacific Ocean Consciousness.
Sinologist Mei Weiheng impression of
meditation and soul love: the religious poetry in the" God "marriage theme
to book review
Culture -- the" Millennium exploration of Oriental wisdom - (Fu Le Zhihui) and self identity.
information window @##@ alignment "Northern Song Dynasty Confucian classics on
Pascal quignard and Chinese shadow Cross cultural dialogue between Le Daiyun, Li Bixiong editor of "(29 Edition)" to continue to explore the rise of China, on the topic of "Chinese pride?" Start, leads to a series of recent articles. This series of key columns as "complexity thinking discussion", introduces the contemporary French thinker Edgar Moran thought. Francois is a very creative, and has caused much controversy of French philosopher and sinologist, this series around his research methods and approaches, and inspired him to the French academia to provide innovative and controversial in-depth discussion, forming a group of very interesting article.
"literature and history of ideas" is a column in this series of new, worthy of attention.
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(Warech Giscardd Estaing) I have reservations on the concept of globalization. We will soon find that we cannot and will not be a decision by the entire world structure to. In the whole world should be composed of several community, they have their own cultural characteristics and the different form of society, multilateral relations between them. For example, in the future there will be composed of American and British Anglo Saxon community, or will include Russia and European community, India, China and other countries of Latin America community. We should focus on and China to establish a relationship between China and the world, the structural compatibility. [method] -- Warech Giscardd Estaing, Eric Iselevich and "Chinese pride? "" the challenges of complexity "calls for" human spirit peculiar ability "the biggest re expansion, enable us to wise use of" human affairs reason". This expansion, we now can be proved from the understanding and cultural angle, for display in the practical and empirical, prove its legitimacy in the human society expedition, but not the absolute. [method] - Jean Louis Lemovane / "complex actions and Thinking -- our era methodology" in "by way of Europe" is "take" Greece will Chinese philosophy has become a spiritual feast, Francois Julien result cannot do not have; he to show people, reading Chinese philosophers repeatedly we will never say content added. We added is our understanding, therefore, sometimes "by way of Europe" is also useful. - [Germany] Wolfgang Cubin / "method and reading -- Francois Julien and the interpretation of Chinese philosophy"
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