Date of publication:2013-1   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:Wen Chongyi, Xiao Xinhuang   Pages:201   Words:182000  

The political structure, family system, social norm Confucian ideology and the shape of the formation of the conflict, a pressure - the ideal target and scope of practice of Confucian ethics among the Han Dynasty more than two thousand years the Chinese people, ideas and behavior conflict. In modern China, the pressure is still deeply rooted, this conflict is particularly significant. Book uphold this basic idea, pay attention to the conflict between modern Chinese concept and behavior in many aspects and present predicament; and through the understanding of Chinese culture, tradition and modernity to understand these concepts and behavior. The author intends to lead us, look in the modern life of the Chinese people, really want something, do something, then in what direction to go.
Author brief introduction

Wen Chongyi "the Central Research Institute of ethnology research institute researcher
Yang Guoshu National Taiwan University psychology professor academician of Academia Sinica.
Huang Guangguo National Taiwan University psychology professor
Li Yiyuan academician of Academia Sinica.
Chen Qinan traffic university humanities college president
Xiao Xinhuang "Central Research Institute" sociology research fellow National Taiwan University sociology professor
Qu Haiyuan "Central Research Institute researcher at the Institute of Sociology of National Taiwan University sociology professor
Li Feng National Taiwan University medical school professor
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  •   Very comprehensive reveals some concept Chinese, for no society can understand
  •   Is a Book of essays, have certain reference value to the study of contemporary social behavior.
  •   It is meaningful to a book, worth to have a look

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