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Date of publication:2004-1-1   Press: Zhejiang people's Publishing House   Author:Hu Angang   Pages:314   Words:300000  

Hu Angang, director of the research center of Tsinghua University national China Academy of Sciences, Professor, tutor of doctoral students of Public Management School of Tsinghua University. Domestic and international reputation of the China situation research experts and academic leaders, main research field is Chinese economic development and public policy. Has been officially published Chinese national study series of monographs hop 43, where the individual monograph 9, as the first author, in 16;
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The twenty-first Century new development view and the construction of the party in the coordination strategy of economic and institutional development in sixteen and the new old alternant change China government functions and crisis management to seize the strategic opportunity, the key is the system construction growth and stability in China's economy has entered a new growth cycle, still need to maintain macroeconomic stability and maintain the continuity and stability of economic policies the good momentum of economic development, the protection of China on "debate on Chinese exporting deflation theory" of the reduction of poverty, the promotion of human development, realize the goal of developing science and technology and the development of thousands of years on the national medium and long-term science and technology strategic planning research several opinions on how to understand the China technology catch-up effect area and the development of each region to the comprehensive construction well-off society in Northeast China the old industrial base of economic transition and open to underdeveloped areas to accelerate the development and coordination of development: a case study of Gansu environment and development China natural capital losses and green green development strategy is the must way @##@ China postscript The main contents of this book has sixteen old and new new conception of development in twenty-first Century and coordinated development strategy, the economic development and the system construction, the party alternation change government function, Chinese and crisis management, and seize the strategic opportunity, the key is the system construction, stability and growth, China's economy has entered a new growth cycle, still need to maintain macroeconomic economic stability.
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