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Book review China is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. The ancient world once brilliant civilizations, most can not continue, some broken, some with the shift of cultural center of gravity and move on to another area. Only China this country, both old and young. From the primitive society to the formation of the state, has a recorded history of more than five thousand years. China and China culture stand erect in the world, come down in one continuous line, history and a new bridge.
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The ancient Games 1 Cuju (soccer) 2 Jiju (Polo) 3 chuiwan (golf) 4 wood shot 5 palm spin track 6 other ball game two three ancient ancient ancient ancient wrestling skating swimming four five six ancient weightlifting seven ancient health preserving Sports 1 guidance of the development of 2 lines of gas development eight seasonal folk sports 1 spring 2 kite 3 swing 4 dragon boat race 5 climb 6 tug of war 7 yangko dance 8 sports game for children nine China ancient sports @##@ main features As the birthplace of ancient civilization of the world's Chinese, like ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, India, has a splendid ancient sports. Unlike several other ancient civilizations, Chinese culture never stopped. In this ancient land of civilization of the light down lasted for thousands of years of groundless talk, twists and compromise, formed a unique Chinese culture. China ancient sports embodies the characteristics China culture. China ancient has a rich and colorful, wide range of physical activities, which is rare in other ancient civilizations.
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