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Date of publication:2006-4   Press: 7-80230   Author:Huang Zhaoyang   Pages:305   Words:249000  

Huang Zhaoyang, male, the Han nationality, was born in October 1964 in Putian city of Fujian province. PhD, associate professor of the Department of philosophy of Xiamen University; and Xiamen University post doctoral research station of education researchers, director of the Institute of China logic, logic and cognition of Zhongshan University Institute of part-time researchers. The main research of the history of logic, philosophy of logic and logic in the application of the problem of education, in law. Has been compiled, cooperation
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Abstract Abstract first part of the first section on the object and the scope of section second research methods, objectives and significance of the second chapter of PI me -- analogy started first me PI and characteristics of second day PI with "wait and see", "mystery". The third chapter for me by mistake Confucius it -- the application of ethical thinking logic method first day it and loyal road section second ethical activities in it and the spirit of the fourth chapter of Mo-tse's theory of the first quarter -- to Mo-tse's and Mo-tse's theory on the basis of the second section of the types and characteristics of the fifth chapter Mencius PI and a total of two forms of the first section Mencius it according to the theory of section second Mencius PI, PI and debate it the sixth chapter of Chuang-tzu's first day of Chuang-tzu's basic characteristics of Chuang-tzu's "second class" and the seventh chapter "Mohist Debate" Pi Pi -- the theory of the completion of the first festival "Mohist Debate" Pi: thinking method talks second section method "Mohist Debate" Pi under section second. The basic characteristics of the ninth chapter of Han Fei Tzu Logic -- "three things" category third "Mohist Debate" Pi features eighth chapter of Xunzi's first Xunzi's and Xun Zipi's theory on the basis of the second day the first section of the Han Fei Zi Pi Pi Pi and "push" the tenth chapter is about the China -- ancient The general problem of the first section of Pi Pi, PI and the essence of "class". In the second part, the basic characteristics of the comparative study of Pi Pi appendix two appendix a thinking of Mo-tse's -- logic analogy appendix three reference @##@. The book of the ancients called analogy method for the. The dominant mode of thinking of the traditional culture in many fields, two thousand years has been popular in cultural activities, the shaping of the oriental culture personality had direct effect on. The book for the love of Chinese traditional culture reader, especially Chinese philosophy history, the history of thought and rhetoric history, has an important reference value.
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