Charm of thought -- the lecture at Peking University (Third Series)

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This book is "in Beijing University Lecture Series" third series, the articles are experts, professors, scholars, celebrities in the wonderful speech at Peking university. The article explain profound theories in simple language, concise and simple, both rich, thought-provoking, and inspiring wisdom of life. This paper fully inclusive and equitable, collection is the essence of wisdom, thought. Risheng in vanity fair wind today society, for all "for people's study, efforts to self", the lecture came the sound of thought is truly worthy of careful taste and carefully understand. The wonderful speech of Oe Kenzaburo, Zhou Ruchang, Zhang Qizhi, Dai Jinhua, Tan Peisheng, Tang Xiaodu, Wang Yuechuan, Rong Weiyi, Li Qiang, Li Yining, Ning Sao, Wen Yuankai, Wang Jiancheng etc.. This book is "in Beijing University Lecture Series" third series. The articles are experts, professors, scholars, celebrities in the wonderful speech at Peking university. The article explain profound theories in simple language, concise and simple, both rich, thought-provoking, and inspiring wisdom of life. This paper fully inclusive and equitable, collection is the essence of wisdom, thought. As "a collection of the forefront of the field of thought and ideas". This book has been hailed as the most of the spirit of the times "thought dinner", and "because of its serious academic character and popular form of reading" to all readers loved, and was rated as "since the ninety's most popular thought reading". Risheng in vanity fair wind today society, for all "for people's study, work, love". The lecture came the sound of thought is truly worthy of serious taste and carefully understand.
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Oe Kenzaburo to the young people of Beijing Zhou Ruchang "a dream of Red Mansions" of Chinese culture and the thought (Zhou Ruchang said after the question and answer) Zhang Qizhi hundred years China historiographical review literature Dai Jinhua nine years surrounded Dai Jinhua in the popular culture of the China film Tan Peisheng China new period drama Tang Xiaodu contemporary poetry pioneer Wang Yuechuan overseas sinologists see postmodernism female Rong Weiyi nationalism and modern Li Qiang's economic and social development of new ideas and China Li Yining region of western development Ning Sao western development policy of cultural analysis of Wen Yuankai from Wall Street to see China the future direction of the economy and the opportunity of Wang Jiancheng's Chinese and western criminal cultural difference
Chapter excerpt

Digest why do you say that? Because for me this old man of the people, to talk about this topic, can only talk about "what should be done" to a class, and young people like you like this, to put forward specific ideas, and strive to achieve. So, I want to hear everyone's determination, I also want to speak, I want to make on the basis of the dialogue, are communicated to the Japanese young people. If you can play such a role in Asia and the world, that a people of Japan and China symbiotic twenty-first Century their hopes and writing has Japanese intellectuals, this is how happy thing! Q: listen to you talk, you are affected by the French literature and French existentialism is relatively large. I want to ask is Chinese traditional literature such as the pre Qin philosophers, Confucius Mencius and Wei Jin Sui Tang period of culture to you is what impact? Oe Kenzaburo: I'm on the Confucius China, Mencius and their thoughts, not qualified in front of everyone concerned. Before I came here, my wife, she was very worried about her, she said, Peking University and Tsinghua university students who are good will to ask a question to you, that is the question about Confucius and Mencius. (全场 laughter). So now I do not have the qualifications to become a writer. Today some people always give me water, I lectured all over the world, it was the first time to drink hot water, other place to drink water not so warm. I have a speech in France, French gentleman thought I was Japanese drink too hot sake while writing novels, so my story with such passion. Then, they took the French Wine temperature after end to my in front, I only drink, so drunk. (audience laughter) why say so? Japanese novels in the writing process, as if some boring things make people feel, some be of no great importance topic. So just talked about me by French Existentialism's influence, my creative way from his own personal experience starting, then thinking about social, think about the universe, think about life. A Japanese writer is written from a specific story of creation, and the creation of the grand ideals and thoughts of thinkers are not the same, is the specific life to writing his novel. So I dare to say, I don't know Confucius Mencius, don't understand, I can write novels. The modernization of Japan is fully from one hundred and fifty years ago, before this, Japan is also affected by China tradition, but also a part of China traditional thoughts, especially China is greatly influenced by Confucianism. In Chinese, Confucianism is called education, in Japan, known as Confucianism, is a kind of knowledge, academic! But after the Meiji Restoration, the original Samurai Confucianism gradually dropped to all levels of. In fact the Japanese business community are Osaka businessmen, businessmen in Osaka is the main Mencius thought as the center of m learning Confucianism, therefore, the modernization of Japan, they are Confucianism is mainly Mencius thought. At the same time, the European Holland Rangaku also introduction of the Japanese, it is the main medical. But the Rangaku scholars in the study also influenced by Japanese Confucianism, such as Japan, a very famous blue scientist also Confucian thought. Japanese doctors, they have their ethics "". The doctor's "benevolence" is our "benevolence" in Confucianism, "benevolence" is "benevolence skill". I think what they advocate is Confucius thought. I have talked so much, in fact, my answer is only a little, do not know if you satisfied? Before the Meiji Restoration in Japan is affected, China traditional thought so, to mention now Japan and now Japan's ideological philosophy, I feel as if I had no effect. So I want to Is it right? Necessary to re-examine, to study Confucianism Confucianism thought? So I'm here to the Japanese young people to advocate this research, so just ask the students, the best after graduation, when the professor, hope to young Japanese to Japanese teaching China culture. Perhaps the first question you ask that old schoolStudents, may be wearing such a school uniform, such a soil dressing students (refers to himself) will ask you questions to ask! (laughter, applause) ask: since Mr. Lu Xun, Mr. Qian Zhongshu era, modern writers China can't seem to find the theme of common concern of humankind. When the creation of Mr., I feel you are looking for a common concern of humankind theme from the cultural exchanges and impact. What do you think of our time which is worth our common interest in the themes of the times or the human should be concerned about the topic? I have 8 years of studying in Japan, the river just talking about young people, symbiotic problem, I have a feeling, I feel I and Japanese older people are relatively easy to get along with, and the Japanese young people feel a deep misunderstanding. Japanese young people neither east nor west culture, has increasingly become a moose...... Oe Kenzaburo: when I came here, my wife told me, China scholars are straightforward, you should pay attention to! The question of his very strict, young Japanese is not influenced by the Oriental and can not be influenced by Western influence, so in the end what effect? I would like to answer this question! There are young people, will be very uncomfortable. I am now subject to have three: one is about the question of nuclear weapons, then this kind of thing in twentieth Century has been put out, the young man did not idle, you may have more Tsinghua University outstanding talents to create a more powerful weapons, maybe it is possible. The students, learning good is best not to write novels, to study physics, to study how to solve the problem of nuclear weapons; learning is not good, I like this, it can write novels. Another problem is the environment, maintain a good environment, let you when I such age can enjoy a good environment, it's a very good thing! Another problem is the coexistence problem. So the next time he went to Japan, I hope to meet a person, you ask him "you to the nuclear weapon is how to think?" , "river novel you read?" This problem, hope to remind them. Q: the Japanese in many fields (including literature) has made a lot of achievements. Now, the local Chinese hasn't won Nobel award, don't know Mr. Jiang on the issue is how to think, I want to get your answer. Oe Kenzaburo: I think Nobel award it doesn't matter, and nationality in November last year, I had worked as a teacher for some time in Berlin's Free University, so it is a university awarded Rushdie the honorary doctor of literature. Rushdie was awarded a doctorate in time, he hopes to have two friends to cheer for him, one is Glass in Germany, is the latest Nobel prize winner, and he also asked me to stand beside him as he Zengguang luster! I heard someone would throw a hand grenade to Rushdie, I was really worried, I think if grenades over, how do I put them down, I run, then, I know this is Rushdie and Gunter common ideas, they are like that (laughter). When the ceremony is over, we drink together, they told me that they had to, to the left, and then report the River South Korea's wife, said the river has been sacrificed. I was very surprised at the time, I and Gunter has thirty-five years of friendship, but he still thought I was Korean, my wife is Korean wife, I feel very surprised, he didn't treat me as a japanese. I nter said: you and I are old friends, at least you should remember when I was a Chinese (laugh).......
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1, "published in Beijing University lecture" series have been published to the tenth series, some of the media said: "in the" lecture "created a mind reading of the new era, with a new reading form reading circles. To an immeasurable role Chinese literacy and academic popular play." As we know, this series is growing in many teachers, friends and readers' attention and support. We once again to all the concern and support us thanks and tribute! 2, this book to show that an open, diverse, interactive reading space for readers, in addition to continue to pay attention to the quality of lectures, we do not refuse to speak a level high school. The tenth series of "exploration Chinese ancient civilization" was Mr. Li Xueqin's speech at Tsinghua University, "Economics (home) how fair" is Mr. Zhang Shuguang in the people's University of speech, an extension of such "absorb anything and everything", is also a concrete manifestation of the editing principle. At the same time, "in the lecture" is not only a simple series title, she still represents the depth of thought, academic character, personality and other aspects of the pursuit and expectation, she is leading us to the "other side" hope boat. Article 3, book all through the original author's authorization (please respect of the intellectual property, please reprint permission), each article is responsible, stood the test of time. In order to make readers have be personally on the scene of the scene, retain Ding (faithful recording) colloquial form, welcome readers suggestions and criticisms in content and form. 4, to the era of the new sounds and ideas to provide dynamic to the reader, this book I wanted more enthusiastic people to support, limited to human, there are many wonderful speech we are unable to obtain, welcome friends from all walks of life to provide resources and information on this for us, your efforts will be rewarded. The way to contact us is: Beijing City 86 a box 160 article pool received zip code: tribute to every book published work of teachers and friends, to each of the attention of our readers to pay tribute to the 5, mail order information: "lecture" series in the North (has ten series, ten series of pricing): 200 yuan (contain postage). Contact: (100086) Beijing 86160 mailbox recipient Liu Linling Tel: (010) 62399924
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The sound of first-class universities thought, a famous scholar of wisdom! "Lecture" series in the NorthFounded in 1998 the 100 years, "people's Daily" "Southern Weekend" "reader" "China reading newspaper" "Chinese Youth Daily" "" hundreds of other media reports or reproduced, was named the most popular thought books, recommended the Ministry of education, the Communist Youth League Central strong force, by all readers love. The articles are experts, professors, scholars, celebrities in the wonderful speech at Peking university. The article explain profound theories in simple language, simple and plain, both rich, thought-provoking, and inspiring wisdom of life. This book is "in Beijing University Lecture Series" third series.
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