Beihai shadow of a doubt

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Zhou Jingning   Pages:188   Words:136000  

"I'm not enough time!" The mother shouted mignon. The living room cabinet drawers, closet compartment were his upside down. "What did you do travel kettle I go where?" The mother stared at the eyes: "I will put your travel kettle away? This is your thing. You should keep good!" "It should be in what place! I put the room looked all over, is not!" Mignon fork angry. All grade nine students this week in the city of Beihai to the center for marine biology. There the whole for a week! That is the class, is equal to half a holiday. The schedule says, the aquarium, collecting seaweed, pick up shells, also wearing goggles, go to the bottom of the ocean to observe the life of a dolphin. Mignon while diving is not interested, to be honest, is a little afraid, but think of the slippery dolphins swam against his skin, still feel excited. Today is the day of departure, at five o'clock in the afternoon train station set, if you miss the train time, is not! Mina burst into the living room: "you see my raincoat?" Said. A pull out sofa activities under the drawer, inside mess. "These children!" Shaking her head back in the kitchen, but don't let them put the ring on fire at his head. Across the hall, looking at the brother and sister like P1 vole like digging everywhere, she couldn't help laughing. "Really should let them go out several times, so you know the put your things away." "Can you help me to fill in the travel kettle point what?" Mina is like a whirlwind rushed into the kitchen, "cola or lemon."......
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The first chapter deep red briefcase second chapter moonlight cliff third chapter police uncle angry the fourth chapter of Mina found the fifth chapter sixth chapter Terman Yerebatan Sarnici inspector came seventh chapter eighth chapter at the last moment, @##@ fall into a snare For children like smart thinking, reading detective stories is particularly enjoyable. Small graceful bearing, detective Conan Holmes, is the children's idol. Now show the boy a novel in front of everyone, will give the young friends to bring more interesting reading experience. Because this book to "jump" to read. Cases of clues hidden in the story twists and turns, to the children themselves step by step to find out. You can follow the development of logic, can also according to their own desire to read. Story eventually might end up as you expected, may let you be startled at. When you finish reading this book from first to last, you become the master. Read this story, not only can fully satisfy your curiosity, but also cultivate your logical thinking ability, exercise your powers of observation, let you in the game and learn how to analyze and solve problems, to get the joy of success. Now a lot of parents, teachers and experts in education, for children to stay away from books, to network and worry. In fact, if a child don't like reading, it is not the child's fault, but he has not found the love to read books.
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Heard of? Thai Yin City ninth school has a well-known "lightning," the club, it was founded by Mike, Carle, mignon and Mina. Each application to participate in the "lightning detective", must pass a special exam -- and Mike, Carle together to solve a real mystery. Recently, "lightning detective" to add new members, that is you! "Juvenile novels: a shadow of a doubt" Beihai smuggling case, is your qualification examination. I believe you can unravel the mystery case, together with my friends, to become a real detective. I'm expecting your success.
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