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Date of publication:1996-10   Press: China Peace Publishing House   Author:Fang Long  

This book in a virtual ancient way of talking was introduced to dozens of plays an important role in the history of mankind's character. Here, the author to dinner situation weekend, in a smart way, by virtue of their own rich imagination, regardless of time and space, let these long dead dead, was invited to attend the singular. Successively were: Erasmus, silent William, George Washington, Thomas Moore, Queen Elizabeth, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Moliere, Platon, Andersen, Confucius.
Author brief introduction

Hendrik William (HENDRIK WILLEM VANLOON, 1882-1944). Holland Americans, doctor of history, a famous scholar, excellent popular writers, the popularization of culture masters. He worked as a teacher, editor, reporter, has been wandering, while hard writing. Of his life writing, diligent in writing, independent completed more than 40 works. The representative of "tolerance" "human story" "the story of the Bible" etc.. He is versatile, fluent in 10 languages, the violin is also good, but also good at painting, as many works own dear painted illustrations.
the works are rich in content, informative, extensive knowledge and there is no lack of high perspicacity, the text explain profound theories in simple language, popular, interesting and beautiful easy set people thinking, through a rational, tolerant and progressive ideas, has enduring charm
Catalogue of books

the guest list:
book about the character
objective to teenagers
the first chapter opening party: Erasmus first appointment
second chapter two graceful bearing politician: silent William and General Washington
third chapter idealistic master: asked Sir Maas Moore
fourth chapter two big family: Music Bach family and families of painting Bruegel
fifth chapter three literary masters: Cervantes, Shakespeare and Moliere
sixth chapter reproduces the senseless disputes: the Council of Nicaea in two participants
seventh chapter philosophers Descartes and Emerson Charm:
eighth chapter romantic women: Theo and Eliza Dora queen queen
ninth chapter a nightmare: Robespierre and Tork motor
tenth chapter Buddha apology: because the three talent retreat can not keep the appointment

eleventh chapter radiant: St Francis, Andersen and Mozart
twelfth chapter for three military complex together: Hero Napoleon, Saint Beethoven and a little
thirteenth chapter charmingly naive human ancestors:
fourteenth chapter two East-West Sage: Bai La Figure and the hole and
fifteenth chapter a hatred: Peter the great, Charlie twelve and Voltaire
sixteenth chapter Italy Renaissance two large characters: Dante and Da Finch
seventeenth chapter French Renaissance literature masters: Montaigne and Rabelais.
eighteenth chapter singular combination: Emily Di rehabilitation and Frederick Chopin
nineteenth chapter children in order to be forgotten by history: San Nicolas Festival Party
twentieth chapter night in December four guests: Nansen, hymes Kell g, the Barents and DeFleur
twenty-first chapter: the end of the last guest Jefferson
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