An outline of the network culture

Date of publication:2002-12   Press: Xinhua press   Author:Meng Jian   Pages:307   Words:240000  

Meng Jian, male, born in 1954. Fudan University Professor, expert enjoying the special allowance of the state council. The director of the Institute of the Fudan University School of journalism, radio and television science department, visual culture studies ", Fudan University Center for information and communication studies," the researchers. The main social and academic posts are: executive vice president of the film society China Colleges (America), members of the Chinese American media research center, in
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Book reviews on the Internet industry evaluation should seek truth from facts, the revolution of information technology not only makes the IT industry has been rapid development, but also through the Internet this exchange platform has changed the traditional economic transactions as well as the people's life and work. In American, not only the Internet itself particularly fast development, but also related to the Internet economic activity development is also very quickly.
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The introduction of network society and network culture chapter network communication form the first day the rise of the network society second network culture origin second chapter network behavior and network main body section of network behavior second network third chapters network community first Internet Virtual Community -- Taking MUD community and the case of the second network community the fourth chapter of the cultural meaning of freedom of network and network democracy first media freedom and democracy in section second and section third of Internet freedom on Internet Democracy fifth chapter network cultural spirit of the first cultural essence characteristic of the network virtual property of network culture -- Section second of the modern significance of third network culture of Post Modernity -- characterization of polyphony conclusion the carnival of network culture @##@ prospective postscript bibliography Overcorrect people started watching network media industry, the industry almost do not have investment value. If we carefully with the traditional economics point of view, the network media industry is not restricted to get rid of basic economic principles, the bubble period of the Internet is a myth, but in the squeeze out the bubble phase we also can't take a shower water and children out. In this book, we will strive with the traditional communication theory and economics theory to the analysis of this emerging industry, to show people the network media management from the basic concept and the hustle and bustle of regression and the true picture.
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