Alone time

Date of publication:2001-8-1   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Huang Yiluan   Pages:204   Words:105000  

Huang Yiluan, born in Sichuan, began at the end of the 80's prose writing. The representative of prose "and" forget me not. Critics argue, Huang Luan "is a strong emotional type writer", her prose style "novel", "arbitrary and forestalls opponent by a show of strength", "remove the 'School of prose' 'youth soliloquy' writing often trivial, virtual prisoners and a deep analysis of Shen", "read her articles, often a stone
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The birth of
was born in (two)
was born in (three)
was born in (four)
was born in (five)
was born in (six)
was born in (seven)

2 years are no longer sent to where

moment to moment -- instead of children

love alone leisurely
doom, I be nonplussed over sth.

in those years @##@ call and doom
let it pass
do not forget my Lord
the future is the wall
disorder dawn

skull critical moments of temptation.
Exit feel happy when

mediocre original comedy
another piece of home
the unquiet days The book is divided into two parts, the content includes the birth place of birth (one), the land (two), was born in (three), was born in (four), was born in (five), was born in (six), (the birth place seven); part two includes years no longer, sent to where, instead, instant moment -- to children, very beautiful, polar, index, alone, have love, calm and doom, doom, let it pass, forget me not, the future is the main wall, disorder of the dawn, skull, critical moment, the temptation of happiness back when, feeling, mediocre, the original comic, remedial Carol, mask, another home, these restless days call me be nonplussed over sth., those years, postscript.
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