After the 9 / 11 world (public intellectuals voice)

Date of publication:2003-1-1   Press: Machinery Industry Press   Author:Xu Zhiyuan   Pages:246  

This book is a collection of "Economic Observer newspaper" observers version group on international politics, economic problem statement column, "9 · 11" event, "uncertainty" has become the most frequent and the most extensive consensus descriptions, changed the pattern of the world, under the influence of economic globalization China impossible to express indifference to the changing of the world, the world will head for how future, changes in the China and this turbulent world relations will have what kind of change? Observers think homework did not like now so closely linked with the world.
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Gsteve Jobs: business leaders still so charming paradox in Saddam Hussein Karzai's world of Musharraf: in the face of new challenges the tears of Mahathir Putin, Freedman new myth of Russia: a 90 year old anti Keynes activists not change between Stig Leigh in the great game of reality in China and foreign concept of zero sum game Chinese and America the great game: the reality of Sino US relations "structural navigation" 2002: a new test of Sino US relations was born Bush doctrine Bush back home safe human czar? Bush "love" the star spangled banner international observation error birth celebration Bush into the fast lane of the United States "Crusader" complex refractive America diplomatic difficulties Bush Saddam's scandal will "Enron" some of the president's why "sacrifice" Andersen Asia where of "Enron epidemic" immune twilight of the idols pay only harvest and hegemony America $economic center moving eastward ocean South American fire Greenspan showed why retort Europe Europe Constitution: wall is not a historical crossroads facing the curtain call Europe wall conservative tide Chirac "liberation" perfect the fragile peace dawn dawn the fragile peace situation between Palestine and Israel is at stake for Middle East: whether the death comes Cartier Iraq war spring Indonesia and Malaysia to the edges of the turbulent world of the world economic forum: who is speaking failure aid coupons Korean miracle: the pace of change in North Korea Asahi conference: we need each other warm who as a good opportunity for the "Koizumi of japan"! Argentina is Brazil new order behind Putin to build "firewall" Ma Li at the Bali bomb warning of international exchange rate changes in running it again change idea, football, storm clouds tale and post modern world we why behind the true meaning to forget the memorial of globalization and world history, globalization of double-edged sword "new order" in the whole civilization to coordinate a brave new world of Russian flight history in nineteenth Century still talking back to the age of innocence to the whole civilization to coordinate
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