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Date of publication:2003-10   Press: Sanlian Bookstore   Author:Shen Junshan   Pages:239   Words:186000  

"I remember" and three set, it was conceived to write the first three time, contains the humanities, science and bridge, in addition to three record contains "cross-strait remember worry", "old life" and "love remember". Later found a sense of something not easy to write, remembrance, less feeling less worry, now do not over the rules of age, write up is not true. And each views on privacy of rare events are not the same, with our fast and hurt once love, the most can't. So in the end the experience, the concept of life and death after stroke is an independent chapter.
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Shen Junshan, Zhejiang Yuyao person, the Department of physics of National Taiwan University after graduation from University of Maryland in the United States, a Ph. D. in physics, in 普大斯顿 University, NASA, Purdue University research and teaching, the Diaoyutai movement influence, resigned from the American University Faculty of National Tsinghua University life return to Taiwan, has served as the dean of the school of science, President of. Author of "seeking innovation -- from Jin set to defend Taiwan to a country's two rule" etc..
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The mainland version Taiwan version -- Preface preface written in "a note" is thought to be three before China garrison Luntai Bodhisattva -- childhood things in Hualian white lighthouse Miss Yan Mou miss see beauty even when in April -- Hu Shi, Xu Zhimo, Lin Huiyin, Jin Yuelin's love and marriage knowledge -- the story of Einstein looking for a breakthrough standard The philosopher. -- had Mr Wu Dayou era of science and technology civilization and China resort for the world law -- he Mr. Wu Qingyuan was awarded the honorary doctorate from Chinese University Hong Kong taught Mo cloud cover eyes -- to the apprentice spin Yi Chen letter two Wei Ping and I -- Nie Weiping "chess life" sequence Miss Wei Chongqing Bridge Travel Notes "do what I can love, I do" -- after a stroke with Mr. Xu Zhuoyun on the sick and death
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This collection of very accidental, a publisher in Taiwan Jiu Ge to Lihua book, like the lack of some words, I also just nostalgic memories of prose, since by bravely as a supplement, collected, but found two style is not the same, originally thought that the reader can add up, but may will the mutex, this will absolutely no market. But since the collection, not out of pity and seems, therefore decided to separate, out of all the; to fill into several chess bridge science articles, as recorded three. On the political education does not include.
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  •   Very good book bought three books, gave his best friend
  •   A sigh of relief after reading, like. A go of the article is more, due to the onlooker read do not know go only.
  •   It looks like a good book, listening to an old friend in the chat
  •   Like it very much.
  •   Mr. Shen Junshan is one of Taiwan's four son, along with Lian Zhan and others, in the knowledge that the more famous than Lian Zhan in political fame, worth a visit.

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