A red red red nightmare - Fang Jiatan

Date of publication:2006-9   Press: United Press   Author:Zhou Ruchang   Pages:419   Words:440000  

We see, where "a dream of Red Mansions" in the bottom of figure is very ordinary, and there are many very dirty under unbearable. Many people think that this is "a dream of Red Mansions" the author deliberately curse, so so; but do not know the base attitude is just a mirror, to the front man revealed no escape the beauty and ugliness, although will see from the mirror, but shes so ugly acts, the mirror can't be responsible for. I think the bottom preference, "a dream of Red Mansions" the first ability, good writing. Looked thin, not all the books in a discomfort such as the division, not a fire; write thing his vice versa. I said: "good side fair mirror!" I also think that "a dream of Red Mansions" show personality, its weakness is revealed. The twelve girls, love and know their evil. So as the Qin's bottom promiscuous, Xifeng bottom craftiness, Tanchun bottom cool thin, spring bottom softness, Miaoyu bottom hypocritical, are not denying the. That is the true meaning of Chai and Dai people, but many write the Ayutthaya deep Yan, Dai wrote the opening tip amount is small, in fact, not all rounder. All the original is the ideal of some, is the author of how to draw mirror will shine all rounder? This is the very honest, but also a very clever light, wonderful human looked extremely difficult, to be honest and like very easy, in fact it is the one thing at the end of both sides. "A dream of Red Mansions" at this point, only the "water margin than his old novels". "The Water Margin" in... Two hundred and eight a hero, but not an all rounder. The two authors, around here are concentric. "In a dream of Red Mansions" personality is ordinary this sentence, I know the necessity to cause many readers bottom of doubt, because they think there's at least one person is super ordinary. Who? Is the ownership of the book, Jia Baoyu. In our reading once read hastily and without thinking, he bottom personality is almost superhuman. We imagine a toff childe, dissipated and luxurious stop at nothing, juvenile dropout, grown suddenly held. This is a miracle, it contains some mystery. He went out and home, and then have never been heard of since, this is unbelievable. But this kind of impression, we are high, by mistake, because we are too prone to read one hundred and twenty back to the "a dream of Red Mansions", caused by involuntary error. If drastic read-only eighty back, then another ordinary jade, our hearts on. Yi Xueqin was writing, the bottom is also a lot of weakness. He did the book self repentance, never like now themselves for their advertising. So he's back at the first, that is often said. Back in fifth "Xijiang Yue" and called together, what "rich do not know Leye, poverty unbearable desolate". This fear is Superman bottom scene? Is it not. As for the view of eighty back we leave, Baoyu bottom personality, we give a little. He is gifted, but because the environment, so that the school was destroyed. His sexual 底情 and desire, are very enthusiastic, so the illusion is very bold to say: "lust that prostitution, prostitution sweep has informed more"; old detestable. He is full of literary taste, metaphysical inquiry, so people say that he is an idiot; in fact he was not crazy wisdom mixed, Chi Hui Di's foreign minister, Hui is crazy bottom frame. At this point the author quite some claim, but the total is still not out of the human sentiment bottom range.......
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Zhou Ruchang "Jin" mystery eighty back Chai Dai Yuzhi death came later and other fat inkstone who "a dream of Red Mansions" Yu Pingbo "a dream of Red Mansions" on the "Twelve beauties" to describe the attitude of "a dream of Red Mansions" bottom bottom style in "a dream of Red Mansions" bottom to eighty place after the "a dream of Red Mansions" Wang Guowei "a dream of Red Mansions" comments on Cai Yuanpei stone Lu Xun Qing novel Cai Yijiang Cao Xueqin under the pen of Lin Daiyu on the death of "a dream of Red Mansions" in poetry the daughter of Grand View Garden lamentations Begonia poem Chrysanthemum poem chrysanthemum poems 姽婳 word lotus daughter Lei Wang Kunlun Hua Xi Ren Qingwen's death on Shi Xiangyun on Xue Baochai Lin Daiyu's theory of love the tragedy of life and fate of Feng Qiyong Jia Baoyu had Cao Xueqin and "a dream of Red Mansions" on "a dream of Red Mansions" thought of Wu Shichang, who is fat view Cao Zhan write the original plan the latter part of the story in the book of Cao Xueqin died of @##@. Yu Pingbo, Hu Shi, Lu Xun, Wang Guowei, Zhou Ruchang, Cai Yijiang, having a great reputation of the Ancient Chinese Literature Search master is the expert on the. This book for their dream theory together, scattered and showing them the point of their unique, is "a dream of Red Mansions" lovers and researchers must read classic.
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  •   Book many red mansion research conclusion of everybody, it is worth all of a dream of Red Mansions interested bookworms reading. Text and layout is reasonable, the quality of the book is also good.
  •   Which brings together the views and understanding of the red chamber factions, it is good book for understanding the in a dream of red mansions.
    just various views and opinions inside, which makes sense is correct or not, to the reader to decide.
  •   Read a lot of "a dream of Red Mansions" on this, this is very good, the picture is distinct, unique content, to my eyes, paper quality is good, is a very good book, worthy of love "a dream of Red Mansions" collection.
  •   Mainly concern comment on Redology Master Mr. Zhou, a "So that is what it is." " "see light suddenly feeling;
  •   Overall not bad, but there are some missing pages, don't know how it happened. Too busy, do not have to manage it.

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