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Date of publication:2003-1   Press: People's Publishing House   Author:The Communist Youth League Committee of Beijing City   Pages:324   Words:297000  
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Editor's note the first chapter Chinese well-off dream, well-off thought two, Deng Xiaoping's Thought on moderately well-off society three, the goal of building a well-off society in second chapter we from the comprehensive construction well-off society goal, how far a well-off ideal push Chinese modern two, low level, uneven, not comprehensive, total three the construction of a well-off society in an all-round way what kind? Four, the target is magnificent, also can achieve five, seize the opportunity, with the important period of strategic opportunities confidence achievement in Chapter third, the comprehensive construction well-off society the next, once missed opportunities to face history: two, the new strategic opportunity is coming to us three, with a new attitude in the face of the new period of strategic opportunities fourth chapter one the era of material civilization, material civilization construction is the fundamental task of building a well-off society two, Chinese contemporary material civilization construction: current status and Prospect of three, go Chinese characteristics of new industrialization road four, go China characteristic of urbanization five, promote the system innovation of the state-owned enterprises in Chapter fifth, the era of political civilization political civilization construction, for the construction of a well-off society to provide institutional guarantee for two, the construction of political civilization is a systemic project three, adhere to the leadership of the party in the construction of the ruling party four, perfect democratic system guarantee the people be in power five, the construction of legal system and promoting judicial justice six, administration according to law to regulate power operation mechanism the sixth chapter - the spirit of the times civilization, spiritual civilization is the socialist society The two important characteristics, spiritual civilization is the comprehensive construction well-off society's important content three, carrying forward and cultivating national spirit enhance the cohesion of the Chinese nation four, strengthen ideological and moral construction to improve the moral five, energetically develop science and technology and education to improve the citizen's scientific cultural quality, establish six modern concepts of health enhancing citizen's health the seventh chapter and a quality Chinese grow together, a splendid light, Dangqi sculls three two ideal, create unlimited future challenge four, changing world five, no regrets. Six, shoulder the sacred mission conclusion seize the important period of strategic opportunity to promote Beijing to basically realize modernization @##@. "A book" written by Beijing Municipal Communist Youth League organization. The book is divided into seven chapters, respectively is: Chinese well-off dream; we are far from the goal of building a well-off society; an important period of strategic opportunities for building a well-off society; the era of material civilization; the era of political civilization; the era of spiritual civilization; to grow up together with a China. In the preparation process of concrete, we use a lot of and closely related to the characters, events, ideas, information, and strive to make the material wealth, the form of lively, thought and readability both. We try to through the book, enhance the broad masses of the people agree on the goal of building a well-off society, inspire them to join the well-off society sense of responsibility and mission.
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