"A dream of Red Mansions", "journey to the west" and other

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Yu Guofan (Anthony C. Yu), Professor of University of Chicago American buck humanities lectures, and as the school's only by the divinity school, the Department of comparative literature, English department, East Asia and social thought of nearly forty years, is now a buck, Professor Emeritus of the school of humanities. Yu Guofan is also the Central Research Institute of Taiwan Academy USA countries and humanities, and served as research fellow Communication Research Institute of philosophy Chinese paper.
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"A dream of Red Mansions" first mentioned in Fantasyland, Jia Baoyu in the fifth back to travel. In this world population arch, he caught sight of two side straight on Book cited the language. For a long time, the scholars have put this couplet as "a dream of Red Mansions" structure, small but complete performance, is the center of the Department of.
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The sequence encoding the translator objective common bibliography and referred to as a "dream of Red Mansions" series on reading "a dream of Red Mansions" fictional stone and stone fiction "red" literary "a dream of Red Mansions" in tragedy and the tragic image of Lin Daiyu family -- two on "journey to the west", "journey to the west" narrative structure and the ninth back the problem of origin, version, epic and allegory -- the English version of "journey to the west" appendix "journey to the west": an introduction to the process of fictional formation and accepted (translated by Lin Linghan) "the English translation of journey to the west" problem pilgrimage -- on "the Divine Comedy" and "journey to the west" religion and China Literature -- on "journey to the west" "metaphysics" series of three other prophets, your father, foot binding accent has changed -- free education view of Comparative Religious Studies and the history of literature to release Yu Guofan important academic index @##@ chronology Mr. Yu Guofan is in lapping western literature and religion and that the western academic circles, but also to the "journey to the west", "a dream of Red Mansions" and China tradition thought culture profound understanding of renowned sinologists. This book is about the study of more than thirty years, both spent ten years work on "a dream of Red Mansions" lust and fiction of retrial, or the "journey to the west" version, fable traits and epic for investigation, have unique insights, strict, its built on the "humanities asked" tradition "favourite work".
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