• "A dream of Red Mansions", "journey to the west" and other

    "A dream of Red Mansions' ',' journey to the West 'and other" content brief introduction: Mr. Yu Guofan is in lapping western literature and religion and that the western academic circles, but also to the "journey to the west", "a dream of Red Mansions" and China tradition thought culture profound understanding of renowned sinologists. This book is about the study of more than thirty years, both spent ten years,

  • Down to eat Chinese

    Oral culture fate, down to eat China (oral culture fate), ISBN:9787801458469, author: Li Bo,

  • The character and the official

    "Character and the official" lessons in history taking and continuous self-examination, to settle down to find the root cause. The purpose of this criterion, essay style famous collection of well-known writers and critics. "To copper as a mirror, you can dress; take person as mirror, can understand advantages and disadvantages; taking history as a mirror, one can know the". ,

  • Chinese

    Concept and behavior / Chinese human series books, "China" series books, Chinese: introduction content concept and behavior ": political structure, family system, social norm Confucian ideology and the shape of the formation of the conflict, a pressure - the ideal target and scope of practice of Confucian ethics among the Han Dynasty more than two thousand years the Chinese people, the idea and,

  • Quest high pole

    Through the earth "height" measurement, the first Hoh Xil crossing! 8844.43 meters! In 2005, the Mount Qomolangma "height" is Chinese successful rewriting. In the alpine hypoxia, dyspnea, gusty, large number of players and the reporter was sent down to the treatment, the author still adhere to the more than 60,

  • Money, sex, modern life style

    Money, sex and modern mode of life, "money, sex, modern life style" is an economic sociology. A collection of eleven excellent papers. "Money, sex, modern life style" with profound theoretical analysis of the theme of "money, sex, modern life style". Touch the essence of things the depth of social life, rose,,

  • The only road to tomorrow

    Ann Rand's column on The Ayn, Rand Column, Ann Rand series. Ann Rand to superior to established her as a writer and philosopher's historical position. She thought of the world it becomes more and more obvious. Her works around the world each year sales of three hundred thousand copies. After her death, her letters, diaries and recording speech have been,

  • An outline of the network culture

    Overcorrect people started watching network media industry, the industry almost do not have investment value. If we carefully with the traditional economics point of view, the network media industry is not restricted to get rid of basic economic principles, the bubble period of the Internet is a myth, but in the squeeze out the bubble phase we don't,

  • Cross cultural dialogue 29 series ("Intercultural Dialogue" series)

    The series continues to rise in China, on the topic of "Chinese pride?" Start, leads to a series of recent articles. This series of key columns as "complexity thinking discussion", introduces the contemporary French thinker Edgar Moran thought. Francois is a very creative, and has caused much controversy of French philosophy,

  • I am angry

    "I am angry" Introduction: "behind the rogue teacher" the truth of the incident: Chinese society morbid is what disease? Chinese man is what man? What we teach rogue teacher? Mr. Zhang's article is about China man -- and Chinese woman, even the whole Chinese nation self-confidence, deep,

  • Greedy

    Instinct, growth and history, this book belong to Wenjing cultural history series. The author of the book criticizes modern theory of indifferent boring, greed as the starting point to re integration of mind and matter, meaning, reason and desire and instinct. From the greed of the literal meaning, to philosophy, to the farmers the reality, to the enterprise and the government, the author launched a grand exposition and criticism,

  • The Almighty.

    Brief introduction of "secret" almighty content: why in the earth's latitude 300 area, discovered many amazing ancient ruins? Discovery of archeologists, for people in each revealed the remains of these lost civilization behind the secret, and lead the people into the history of deep memory palace, to know that,

  • Heart set

    The book is in 2011 Mr. Liu Zaifu traveled multinational tour lectures, interviews, reading and thinking the text collection. After leaving Liu Zaifu, particularly in recent years, the knowledge is "not to concept, but to life"; "not to the academic attitude towards life, deep but". His academic,

  • Of how to read

    Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in our impression, always with science, such as the authority of words together, learning their, I believe it can cause many people interested in. "More than fifty academicians of how to read" the book's message, sincere words and earnest wishes, literarily, the word must be required. Carefully read between the lines,

  • People reading and worldly

    This book is Mr. London a essay collection, which includes a Chinese people reading and worldly, questioning, on college debate competition must "Reunion" to the emperor side, personality and character, which is the first Nobel prize have world sense etc.. This book collected works are rich in content, the theme of the,

  • I don't believe in evil

    He Zuoxiu anti pseudo science debate set,,

  • Have a look they

    This book is the living conditions of farmers a true reflection of the city's book. Everyone reading this story of 100 farmers, the mind will be shake. Hu Xia dictating the usual staple food is rice and noodles, vegetables are picked up his dad a wild stands outside the rotten leaves, usually home to eat meals are reluctant to buy,,

  • Very general

    Review China series Xie Yong "very general": the very truth behind common sense, feel the thought of aesthetic charm. Common sense? Very general? The tide of the times under the impact of social phenomenon, contains various cultural and aesthetic meaning, development and progress of the social culture cannot do without the analysis and guidance of persuasion. The book,

  • The boundary line survey of Internet

    "Boundary" and the Internet has selected 15 typical cases, and legal challenges from history, philosophy and jurisprudence angle on the cases involved are analyzed, and the existing legal behavior on the Internet is a constrained. ,

  • USA pub life

    Author of this book to a position of the migrants, America mainstream society in depth, with nearly 30 years of valuable time to really understand American society, customs, optimistic, humorous, compassionate nature and be neither humble nor pushy attitude wrote lots of grief at separation and joy in Union, the true story of the passions, extremely rich idler. So,

  • Reading style

    The common readers recommend 50 Honor of the three places! Reading is a kind of food, to the brain's diet. After entering twenty-first Century, the qualitative and quantitative change reading diet! "The book" Net and network and Books series, after four years of planning, collecting the Strait three, and international authors,

  • The famous social thought

    Masters of Sociological Thought, this book is a widely used textbook example in USA, book introduces 15 early social theorists: Kong De, Marx, Spencer, Durkheim, Simmel, Webb, Veblen, Meade Cooley, the theory of life, ideology, and social background. A detailed review of pertinent,,

  • Yesterday and tomorrow

    This book is the author in this century, 2001 "Economic Observer newspaper" "global view" collection of columns. After three years today along the observers eyes to see the world, not only should we ask "what in 2001," we remember, the more important is how we are to the past,

  • Chinese classics

    This book is one of the "history" series. The study is from the mid western Han Dynasty established, in order to explain the Confucian classics as the content of the theory. The "Jing" and "the definition of" the concept of Confucianism and Confucianism; the difference between the source and collection; learn; "by" relationship with the Confucian school classics play between,

  • Love is also popular

    Love is also popular -- twenty years Chinese emotional playback, Yin Zhixian, Chinese youth press,

  • A red red red nightmare - Fang Jiatan

    Lou Fang Tan, Yu Pingbo, Hu Shi, Lu Xun, Wang Guowei, Zhou Ruchang, Cai Yijiang, having a great reputation of the Ancient Chinese Literature Search master is the expert on the. This book for their dream theory together, scattered and showing them the point of their unique, is "a dream of Red Mansions" lovers and researchers must read classic. ,

  • Hoary head academic essays

    This book is an academic essay, the author relates to range is quite broad, not only comments on historical figures, records of Ming and Qing Dynasty famous characters (such as Wu Meicun, Qian Qianyi, Wu Changshi, Fang Hui, Zhang Jinyan, Chen Yuanyuan, Liu Rushi etc.) political and personal destiny in history and the social upheavals, and introduces the a,

  • The name of Zheng Xing

    "Chinese surname history" is a part of the history book, included a lot of beautiful illustrations, first series a total of fifteen, were introduced in this paper, Liu, Zhang Xing, Huang fifteen surnames, content involves the surname ancestor, native place, cultural relics, scenic spots, relics and other related content. This book is one of the focuses of the Zheng,

  • Beihai shadow of a doubt

    For children like smart thinking, reading detective stories is particularly enjoyable. Small graceful bearing, detective Conan Holmes, is the children's idol. Now show the boy a novel in front of everyone, will give the young friends to bring more interesting reading experience,

  • Physical and sexual desire

    Science literacy author relies on its solid foundation and America classical literature Yale University East Asia is taught for many years and accumulated western, the comparative analysis of Chinese and Western culture, sociology, anthropology and other disciplines research concept of "gender" into the Chinese classical literature and contemporary aesthetic culture research, for the general,

  • The pleasure of reading

    To live the life, face the life with the text; in the ordinary mortal, perception of immortal mind and soul of great men of genius. We have own grace be read speech and deportment; us by writing your soul is reading, in turn, we also read other people's demeanor and soul. This book is dedicated,

  • Cultural Studies

    This book is China's famous scholars of Mr Li Yinhe's latest achievements on the research of Chinese and foreign culture. The author tries to world cultural exchange in the context of changing context, briefly summarize the Chinese and foreign culture, combined with the evolution of the history of ideas at home and abroad, briefly analyzes the relationship between social norms Chinese concept, sexual behavior, sexual and,

  • Power of China

    Cultural workers talk about culture, "China: cultural workers talk about culture" writers in the Chinese culture soil born and grow, they intimate contact with the Chinese culture, plus they are engaged in the culture of professional, so that they understand the Chinese culture is more in-depth understanding of Chinese culture more clearly, the construction of Chinese culture,

  • Excellent reading Library

    By reading a book time to absorb ten book of wisdom, let you see why the world change, history came forward. Classics, we have to one one interest. To believe that the previous selection, a person may be wrong, a generation may be wrong, but the entire human not wrong. (Law) -- mo,

  • On the theory of melon fruit

    "On the melon on fruit" tenet is about some melon can be edible, some melon not or can not eat. Edible melon can be divided into fruits and vegetables to eat melon according to the snake melon, melon in the fruit shop supplies, Caigua, mostly in the supply market. "On the melon on fruit" in the "fruit" mostly refers to woody plants,

  • China ancient analogy

    The book of the ancients called analogy method for the. The dominant mode of thinking of the traditional culture in many fields, two thousand years has been popular in cultural activities, the shaping of the oriental culture personality had direct effect on. The book for the love of China traditional culture reader, especially China philosophy history,,

  • Pen disaster history talk about plexus

    Definition of democracy and freedom, when there are hundreds of view, not only is the two. Is it a colloquial word said: let the people speak the truth, to realize the democracy and freedom, also it can really calm. The book from Yong Zheng Wang Zhaoshi Lv Liuliang talked about, introduces in detail the Qing dynasty,

  • Charm of thought -- the lecture at Peking University (Third Series)

    This book is in the north to the lecture series third series, the articles are experts, professors, scholars, celebrities in the wonderful speech at Peking university. The article explain profound theories in simple language, concise and simple, both rich, thought-provoking, and inspiring wisdom of life. This paper fully inclusive and equitable, it thought, wisdom,

  • Tagore and Chinese

    Tagore's 1924 visit to China has beautifully for China and India significance. He had a communication between the two cultural purpose, objectively to the cultural exchange between China and India would interrupt the revitalized, also make Chinese was almost desperate social environment in a comparable and can,

  • Shock waves of modern culture

    "Shock wave" modern culture of the twenty-five article is about exploring the 95 year old Mr Zhou Youguang nearly ten years on cultural issues. At all times and in all countries, with the bottom next millennium begins, such as the "scholar's four jewels" and foreigners in the gossip China Sambo (the Great Wall, Terracotta Army, Chinese characters). Be perpendicular and horizontal for me,

  • A three note

    As Taiwan "four son" (Lian Zhan, Qian Fu, Chen Lvan, Shen Junshan) of Shen Junshan, holding is a doctor of philosophy, love is a game, in different fields are the best. This is his most beautiful essays, relatives, friends, true to life likeness one's voice and expression, sincere and moving, popular prose is explain profound theories in simple language,

  • People before profit

    Charles d'Urberville, USA Boston College sociology professor and a well-known social critic. His famous works include "empire", "Crazy", "USA on attention pursuit". ,

  • Overview of both past and present

    This is the focus of a visitor, wide viewing angle display of Lancang river of love painting; this is an eyewitness notes, many of the Mekong River and the culture level...... Along the river walk, from the Tibetan Plateau to the Indochina Peninsula, every step on person and natural and harmonious notes, each are draw,

  • The light of thought -- the lecture at Peking University (Fourth Series)

    Listen to a lecture at Peking University (Fourth Series), this book is "in Beijing University Lecture Series" fourth series, the articles are all experts, professors, scholars, celebrities in the wonderful speech at Peking university. The article explain profound theories in simple language, concise and simple, both rich, thought-provoking, and inspiring and life wisdom. This paper fully inclusive and equitable, essence, wisdom is thought,

  • Chinese world spirit

    Xu Fuguan International Commentary set, this book comments on current events collected from Mr. Xu Fuguan, is the last thirty years of life (1950 years to 1970 years) selected out review, published about international politics in Taiwan and Hong Kong newspapers and magazines essays. Xu Fu Guan idealistic international political values based on Confucianism, beyond the Song Mingxin era,

  • The deep river

    "Deep river" world book is composed of three parts, the first part is the movie reviews, including: shurayuki hime, Solari thought, Rashomon, winter's heart. The second part is poetry, including: art, the loss is a kind of suffering, the sinking of the hand, the second coming. The third part is the novel and fiction criticism, including,

  • The fundamental characteristics of the times

    Fichte's "modern times" is a fundamental feature in his analysis of the characteristics of the times as the main content of the history of philosophy, it marks a stage of development of German classical philosophy of history. This book content is Fichte seventeen times in the evolution of Berlin in 1804 November to 1805 March did,

  • Hoary head academic essays

    The book "Dai Yijuan Haoshou academic essay series" "". Author featured in the academic essays published in academic essays and add 7 volumes of 67. Academic viewpoints opinions, comments, prefaces and postscripts of academic works content conference academic speak impromptu, customs small academic research,,

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