On the conflict between Chinese and western people

Date of publication:1991-03-01   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:Yang Shi   Pages:238   Words:171000  
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The characteristics of sequence order two preface chapter on Chinese traditional culture and human theory and real basis of 1.1 China traditional culture's spirit Chinese tradition on 1.2 "people" in the king if "human" 1.3 two human opposition: natural and human relations with the patriarchal clan system level 1.4 China history about human relations view point of view 1.5 patriarchal relations of duality and unity of opposites structure in the second chapter, the patriarchal ethical problems as the center of the cultural debate and historical changes of 2.1 Confucian "Rites" and "cultural exchange" Mohist culture 2.2, farm and folk culture with Confucianism and patriarchal ethic relationship 2.3 Taoist "days like natural inaction" thought and its relationship with the 2.4 the historical significance and its legal relationship of Lun 2.5 A brief summary of the third chapter of the China traditional "harmony between man and nature, a" cosmic view and wisdom 3.1 on Chinese and Western conception of heaven and man how to distinguish? Characteristics of dialectical head Hui fourth chapter of western culture and human nature and substance of the characteristics of a "3.3 Chinese traditional 3.2 Chinese tradition" theory: the "free" and the pursuit of self criticism 4.1 Westerners free feature 4.2 for westerners pursue "Tian" also be specific about 4.3 Westerners know one of the characteristics of their own: the separation of human and nature. The relationship between man and science 4.4 Western understanding of their characteristics of two: the separation of soul and body. Origin and nature of the relationship between human and religious freedom and division 4.5 and the actual historical star on its 4.6 Greeks equality and freedom: the total collapse of clan system and commodity economy 4.7 Western understanding of their characteristics of three: the individual and the whole separation. Experience and reason of 4.8 in two yuan of pattern for unified constant search for the fifth chapter in the development of modern and Contemporary Western Theory: one of the points of new subjectivity theory and anthropology 5.1 modern western theory in the 5.2 main principles: man as subject is another important point of principle 5.3 subjective initiative: people is the goal. As the key points to 5.4 division or means of subjectivity principle three: through human alienation and Sublate alienation to realize the freedom of subject 5.5 in modern western philosophy thoughts: people rise of special shout personal phenanthrene rational and free 5.6 Anthropology: beyond the narrow field of vision of the west, from the beginning of the development of all to explore the difference of human and the sixth chapter of Chinese and western traditional culture is composed of seventh chapters focus on the development of human alienation caused by the different number of data @##@: About patriarchal ethical culture deep foundation of the ever present in the lives of our people and Western civilization history status of different road and the reason for the eighth chapter of Chinese and western traditional culture. The basic idea of the book is: Cultural Center in human, cultural understanding in theory, and the theory is historical, concrete. The difference between Chinese and western people on the surrounding, and reveals the basic features of Chinese and western traditional culture and people is formed on the basis of private ownership of Chinese: Traditional Chinese ethical culture of "human", is the lack of freedom and equality of patriarchal relations; free culture the Western tradition of "freedom", is the lack of equality and freedom of intimate and harmonious commercial relations between people. At the same time, patriarchal nature of human theory and trade freedom is a human in the pursuit of freedom and ethical progress in the process of development focuses on the alienation caused by different; the development of human culture tendency is to sublate alienation, harmony and unity of the pursuit of freedom and human relations.
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