Nationalism and times

Date of publication:2005-4   Press: People's Publishing House   Author:Li Xianghai   Pages:507   Words:400000  

Li Xianghai, male, born in 1962 in Jingmen city of Hubei province. Doctor of philosophy, the Philosophy Department of Nankai University Professor, doctoral tutor as the International Federation of association of the history of Confucianism, China philosophy, modern philosophy of China research association. Special government allowance winner. The main research field is Chinese modern philosophy and culture, has presided over the "comparative study of modern philosophy and modern Neo Confucianism philosophy and post"
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Introduction: the world turn back to view the first part of Modern Neo Confucianism background, development process and basic theoretical characteristics of the first chapter is about "Modern Neo Confucianism" and "Modern Neo Confucianism" definition ", a modern new Confucianism" and "modern new Confucianism", the definition of modern new Confucianism in two ideological and cultural background, the second chapter of the modern new Confucianism development logic and basic theory, characteristics of the modern new Confucianism era topic two, modern Neo Confucianism thought course three, for the religious, philosophical and scientific spirit -- Unity of the modern new Confucianism basic theoretical characteristics of the second series of western postmodernism the rise of the social historical and cultural background and the basic theory of characteristics of the third chapter of western postmodernism in the social and historical background, the western society: from the formation of modern society to the post industrial society, the structural changes of two western culture and life ultimate value system open the fourth chapter postmodern theory characteristics, from the "after modern" concept to "postmodernism" occurred in two, from "free" and "nothingness" odd Miao goes to see post modernism is the basic value orientation of three, postmodernism theory characteristics of the third series of modern new Confucianism and western post-modernism comparative study to the fifth chapter of post modern perspective of the modern Neo Confucianism, achievement of modern or Deconstruction of modernity, where two Philosophy -- "Li Ben" and "the sixth chapter of Chinese and Western Philosophy" exile than in the view of postmodernism, introduction: from "Heidegger China road edge" about two, mode of discourse and theory forms change three, deconstruction and two opposite after theoretical interest in four, the theme of the seventh chapter from the same modern Neo Confucianism and post modernism comparison of the contemporary value of Chinese culture, cultural modernization in a China review two, his unique wisdom spiritual contribution to mankind's new "Axial Age" for the twenty-first Century China cultural historical mission @##@ main references. This book is the author of "Nine Five" hosted by the National Social Science Fund Project -- "final results of Modern Neo Confucianism and comparative study of postmodernism.". Post modernism and modern Neo Confucianism is regarded as at the turn of the century Chinese ideological and cultural circles "rise" and "special attract sb.'s attention" two trends of thought. The modern new Confucianism and postmodernism two trends as the object of study, not only the modern Neo Confucianism and the rise of the postmodernism cultural and social background, development history, basic theory and discusses the characteristics of analysis, but also from the global cultural interaction and the field of comparative study, from the "national" and "the times", two dimensions, focuses on basic similarities and differences and the characteristics of the two academic thoughts were deeply consideration, reveals and analyzes the modern Neo Confucianism, which it has the characteristics of seeking unity religious spirit, philosophical spirit and scientific spirit, and points out that the Post Modernist theory of value orientation is the "freedom" and "nothingness" intertwined, and from philosophy to a new "Axial Age 'height, the course of the modern development China culture and its contemporary value and important problem in future to explore innovative, forward-looking.
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