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Date of publication:2000-5   Press: Changjiang literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Tan Qixun   Pages:314   Words:210000  

The world is in rapid change and progress. In the face of the rapid development of science and technology, human beings rely on earth seems to be getting smaller and smaller, and even some people vividly described as "earth village". As the communication between countries have become increasingly frequent, human society is gradually integrated into an inseparable whole, peace and development have become the mainstream of the world's. However, whether we admit it or not, under the mainstream that peace and development, in fact there are flesh and blood to fight a past that the more competitive undercurrent in the flames of war cruel fierce, for its influence in world affairs and a prominent position and silently contest for this is between all peoples and nations in the world. Japanese spirit is a fairly complete system, which consists of the spirit of the original and derived the spirit of two parts. The former and the latter is the end of the. Notable is, previous studies on Japanese spirit, often only emphasize its derived spirit, while ignoring the original spirit, therefore, have lost the weight and the end defects. This book tries to discuss the focus of Japan National Essential Spirit -- the original pioneering spirit from the perspective of reform from the bottom.
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The first chapter is the introduction, second chapters -- track and original spirit of the birth of the first festival "Noah's flood" and Japanese bridge section second massive migration of pioneering consciousness third knife shaped stone appear before and after the fourth day and the fifth day Jomon fire mountains and land exploiting the sixth day asked the sea and waters exploiting the Seventh Festival Jomon people in society and life in the field of development eighth Jomon language section ninth original spirit of the birth of the third chapter from the rice culture to the envoys of stop check section and transition section second and the internal and external development section third sent into the Sui Dynasty and "sunrise", "no" the fourth section diplomacy to promote original pioneering climax period the fourth chapter based on the cultural reconstruction of great exploration and practice new first day "Tang wind" culture and the creation of the second "China Wind" culture was third "Tang wind" and "China Wind" similarities and differences in the fourth quarter of an eventful year in create a new culture of the fifth chapter of modern civilization Mo based first section is the unity of the country and the nation fight a bloody battle second day Bakuhan system the vigor and vitality of the gorgeous and colorful festival third Harm postscript appendix form third original spirit distortion causes distortion of second first original spirit distortion Festival original spirit of modern culture in fourth section distortion 学殖 chapter sixth original spirit: the main references
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