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With the growing popularity of cultural concept and China toward the world, comparative culture study is very popular in the western world was also quickly into the Chinese vision. Comparative culture as an open, an international, both literature research and development to a certain stage of the inevitable outcome -- to break the national boundaries, ethnic boundaries, regard literature as a whole comprehensive macro comparative study, it necessarily involves the study of comparative culture. This is not only the literature itself is a cultural phenomenon, but also in the objective world literature reflected, also has become a "decoration" of the world. So the literature on comparative study thoroughly, will be extended to the field of comparative culture; and all the nations, to complete the docking with the international society, the need for success in the world -- comparative cultural studies can help people understand the overall trend and law of world cultural development at the macro level, but also to understand the national culture the unique value, meaning and world culture in the overall pattern of position from the micro. This is not only the basis of national, ethnic and other countries in the world, the national dialogue, mutual understanding and friendly, but also become a bridge between nations, success in the world; and to promote the construction of national civilization, will play a decisive role -- because of the comparative cultural studies, we can provide a more guiding principle and the direction of the national cultural development, resulting in a collision, intersection, and integration of foreign culture, not only can absorb the nutrition, but also can change existing habits and customs in the light of all sorts of advanced culture, national culture, the development in a virtuous circle track. In addition, because all human creation can be called culture, so in this sense, cultural studies and research is a very cohesive, research can pack all categories of melting in the domain of the Social Sciences, but also can melt all of natural science field results, the update people cultural vision and mode of thinking, to promote the study of Arts and science, as soon as possible to give results more and better for the society, also has the inestimable significance. Because of this, in recent years the study of comparative culture has become a research hotspot of international academia, various areas throughout the social sciences. Comparative literature, comparative religion, philosophy, comparative education, comparative study on management science, be just unfolding, fully proved this point. Moreover, comparative culture study on macroscopic has yielded many fruits. Driven by the international trend and the reform and opening up the actual need, some domestic comparative culture branch -- comparative literature, comparative religion, philosophy, has been showing a popular state. But comparatively speaking, comparative culture study on the macro level, has not yet been formally started in China, more than the practice. Research in Comparative Literature in different branches, other also in the introduction, digestion period, also the lack of our language, it needs our efforts and to. The "culture" of us is in such a context, in our culture, course notes written on the basis of.
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Two introduction a preface, what is called comparative culture two, comparative cultural research workers basic equipment first series of comparative culture and the necessity for the development of the first chapter is the emergence and development of the first quarter twentieth Century world culture development basic trend second day World Cultural District formation and classification, the world culture area classification two, cultural factors in section third a comparison of culture, culture in the world A new force suddenly rises. two, comparative culture in China fourth comparative cultural studies classification and its significance, the study of comparative culture category two, comparative cultural studies the significance of the second chapter of cultural differences and integration of the first section creative adaptation and regional cultural difference, regional cultural differences is an objective existence of two, creative adaptation of human culture is many other fundamental reason three, learning this section should pay attention to the problem in section second, the development of culture and cultural differences, and attributes of a modern cultural differences is an objective existence two, ancient and modern cultural differences and cultural development changes in the properties in section third the individual culture, group Cultural differences, cultural differences between the two, an individual group differences in section fourth, the integration of culture, culture inheritance in the integration of the two, in the cultural exchanges and integration of three, in the continuous self purification in the integration of the four, cultural integration issues need to pay attention to the third chapter of human and culture first. Is the creator of culture, culture is a human survival environment product two, making signs and symbolic operation is the cultural creation in the two kinds of the most basic life activities of the second festival culture is a culture of human shape, is to the survival of humans and a soil two, the plasticity of the people with three degrees of freedom culture of human, molding and second national cultural comparative research in the fourth chapter, the first section Chinese culture and Japan -- near and far countries, exchange, a blend of Chinese and Japanese culture in two, Chinese and Japan -- near and far countries second deep structure of Chinese and Japanese Culture (on) a, and the West different gender role position two, ingrained marriage worship fifth chapter third culture comparison between Chinese and Western culture Comparative study of the sixth chapter of interdisciplinary comparative literature bibliography
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