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Date of publication:2001-7   Press: Business affairs   Author:Yu Guifen   Pages´╝Ü318  
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The first chapter introduction, beginning a civilization of the East and the West meet two, the initial contact in three, Jesus and east to four, the so-called "Latin civilization era" (a) (two) astronomy geography (three) in five, western medicine standard of comparison of second chapter "sakoku Seclusion" time ", by prohibition" to "lock up" (a) "Prohibition" policy (two) restrictions measures two, understand the western channel (a) "fusetsu" system (two) "drift" problem (three) different trends of the foreign missions to business hall three, the spread of Western learning of Kangxi (a) the great and Tokugawa Yoshimune (two): the introduction of Chinese broken down (three): four, the rise of Japan Rangaku historical influence (a) initiation crisis consciousness (two) on the formation of modern (three) the elite group of third chapter "Founding" period of western culture, a "pressure" shock wave (a) the next shock (two) Bailey "black ships" knock the door (three) passive "nation" (four) and Japan "Founding" process is two, uptake of the West Party culture media (a) translation of books, books (two) (three) to study the three envoys abroad, absorb western culture process (a) the introduction of the Western military technology (two) on the system of Europe and the United States (three) the conflict and fusion of western culture into fourth chapter, seeking knowledge from civilization. The world moves (a) left Atlantic (two) education reform and students sent (three) to employ foreign experts two, western culture into the trajectory (a) expansion of modern industrialization (two) "the introduction and practice of politics" (three) the social life of Westernization three, the conflicts between tradition and modernity fifth chapter of traditional culture and modernization @##@. This book takes culture as the angle of view, comparison of the similarities and differences between China and Japan from the absorption of western culture, reveal the dynamic between China and Japan in the uptake of Western capitalist industrial civilization longitudinal development process, to explore the reason of the modernization process of different countries. The comparative history, measurement history, system theory, summarizes the Sino Western cultural differences in uptake, success and failure, gain and loss, experience and the historical law, deep reasons of Japanese modernization in different historical destiny of contemporary China, thought of reform and opening up, a correct attitude towards foreign culture, in the conflict and fusion China characteristics in construction the socialist culture for reference.
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