E era of women

Date of publication:2002-10   Press: Version first (October 1, 2002)   Author:Huang Yufu   Pages:285   Words:133  

This book explores from the perspective of gender, the influence of new technology on women, and women in the new technology in the field of land and will face the issue, using empirical survey research methods, a comparative analysis to describe the status quo of domestic and international, objectively reflect the Chinese women enter the new technology in the field of status, fill from the visual angle of the gender gap in domestic study "Seppo space" and the "digital gap". Unique perspective, analysis and thorough, reliable data is solid, is will try to contact the study of women and information technology development success.
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Researcher Huang Yufu female China Academy of social sciences literature information center, national outstanding middle-aged expert, study in Japan and received a doctor's degree, there are a lot of books, including the book "man and society: the social problems of the America" (1986), "western education" (1989), "Beijing Opera China, rocker and gender relations" (1999), editor in chief of "information high
Catalogue of books

The first chapter, the gender issue new technology in general
second chapter, information in the
third chapter, computer game
fourth chapter, information technology education in gender differences in
the fifth chapter, the IT industry in the female
sixth chapter, Seppo space in the female
seventh chapters, the conclusion of
appendix I questionnaire statistical data
appendix II of information technology and the female English books bibliographic
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