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Date of publication:2000-4   Press: Jiangsu literature and Art Publishing House   Author:The princess  

The princess of small files:
height: 1.62 meters / Constellation: Sagittarius / birthday: December 14th / blood type: AB
personality: gentle + and
hobbies: dreaming and listen to music.
most admired people: don't want / like movie stars: Gallen Law / the most loved Singer: Cai Qin / ideal boy: Nicholas Tse / doesn't like boy: talk nineteen to the dozen uncle Andy Lau
recently wanted to do: and beloved people traveled all over Europe
Catalogue of books

The first chapter, I only have eyes for you -- boy "dream lover"
the boy saw through the superior girl: on the surface of their and the reality of their.
second chapter in love you and want to open -- boy "open sesame"
and girls dating success merit, first denied, female children don't comment, confrontation between the two sides...... What to do?
third chapter one we to date -- boy "heart wide open"
dating stage show: what clothes to wear for girls palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.? How to express that, Hou, kissed by fire.
fourth chapter I need love to you -- boy "doomed eternally"
know that it is love that, how to judge his crush on her love, is how one thing, you are a gay?
fifth chapter first intimate contact -- boy "romantic design"
girls want to romance, how to deal with disputes, promoting the further development of romantic relationships, classic design gradually close: false excuse excuse, right.
sixth chapter the break up break up -- boy "sad reason"
broke up please keep a decent, for myself, for each other, how to overcome the bad mood after breaking up, breaking up the time, location, language.
seventh chapter "privacy" -- the boy "very perspective"
boy body: face the fine beard, acne (acne, acne), greasy hair, voice, body hair, genitals (masturbation, spermatorrhea), sexual fantasy pornography
eighth chapter son has the tear light bomb -- boy "always melancholy and moody"
depression, adolescent emotional ups and downs, if only some small problems, how to handle, self-confidence and how to deal with criticism.
ninth chapter bad is easy -- boy "derailed"
the boy's story: peer pressure (to do sth in a pile of people, how to say no), alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and oppress the weak, love fights hooligan.

postscript @##@ last advice Decided to surprise you! This is a beautiful girl the princess to the boy's book. She invited "Chuai Chuai bean" and "curly" two do guest, and "bad" boys to discuss what is "dream lover", how to let the girl "heart wide open", how to make the target "palpitating with excitement eager to do sth." and so on, but the princess solemnly remind you: if you one day to night as much as you to date, so that the academic suffer a disastrous decline, then you must be a lack of self-control idiot......
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