Comparison of Confucian culture

Date of publication:2004-10   Press: Shanghai Education Publishing House   Author:Hong Qingfu   Pages´╝Ü217  
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Hong Qingfu, born in 1962, doctor of comparative literature at the College of Soochow University, Soochow University, foreign language teaching and culture and international business research. 1995-1997 Alberta University Business School in Canada as a visiting scholar, studied at the same time in the Canadian International Development Agency China middle management project and the international refugee work, has written "business English", "international business
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Chapter 1 The Song Yuan Ming Histories:Grounds for the Birth of Song Ming ConfucianismChapter 2 Competing Philosophies And ReligionsChapter 3 A Snapshot of Song-Ming ConfucianismChapter 4 The Study of Principle in PerspectiveChapter 5 Ups And Downs on the Way of the Study of PrincipleChapter 6 Merits And Demerits of the Study of PrincipleChapter7 The Study of Mind in PerspectiveChapter8 Other Parties Opposing the Study of PrincipleChapter 9 Gradual Decline of the Confucian Hold in Manchu ChinaChapter 10 The Christian Mission vs the Confucian FaithChapter 11 Confucian Scholarship:Tride Yet Shriveled up
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