Comparison of Chinese and Western culture

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(two) the difference between Chinese and Greek geography environment we will look at the Chinese civilization and Western civilization birthplace of geographical environment have what characteristic each, this feature of the their civilization produced will have any effect. The source of Western civilization in ancient greece. British historian Toynbee speaking, there are 21 kinds of civilization in the history of mankind, then has 26 kinds of civilization and the Greek civilization and Christian civilization is one of the two. Greek civilization was destroyed, it can be said that Western civilization, Christian civilization, but there is a connection between the two. Modern western in Renaissance, is the revival of ancient Greek and ancient Rome culture, so we still think of Greek civilization and modern western civilization an important source, first source. First Greece as the birthplace of Western civilization, the geographical environment is what kind of, what are the characteristics? Ancient Greece and now of the Greek national, the geographical concept is not completely consistent. In ancient Greece, including the Greek peninsula, including all the islands of the Aegean Sea, including the island of Crete, also including the Asia Minor Peninsula west coast. Geographical environment characteristics of this area, the first is the land traffic inconvenience, the Greek peninsula more mountains, valleys, from south to north of the peninsula, layer upon layer, divided into small area A. The area between the traffic is not convenient, in some places even impassable in winter. Second is the agricultural ecological bad, natural condition is not suitable for agriculture. This and our China, and Egypt is obviously not the wide flat fertile fields, some in some small plain valley area, is the mountains, some valley, land is barren, drought. Obviously, the ecological conditions are not suitable for farming. But on the other hand, it is the development of handicraft industry and commercial development has some convenient conditions. For example, it has silver, silver can be made; with the marble, can make the clay sculpture; high quality, can make pottery. These are conducive to its development of the handicraft industry. Industry and commerce are jointly, its products are traded, so the handicraft industry developed business also will follow the developed. Third is the external traffic is convenient. The Greek peninsula surrounded on three sides by the sea, deep into the Mediterranean to have the world's most rugged coastline and the most excellent port harbour, to facilitate foreign navigation. The peninsula is long and narrow, in addition to the northern region, any one place no more than 50 kilometers away from the sea. There is a reason for outbound traffic is convenient, is the Aegean Sea there are a lot of islands dotted, one by one, forming the so-called island bridge. From the Greek island of the bridge has been to the west of the peninsula of Asia minor. Some of the book is the image, say Greek sunny sail out to sea, can not see the endless sea, not to see the land, look straight ahead must have Island, go back to front and island. Island Bridge as a springboard, it could have been arrived in Asia Minor Peninsula along the West; along the coast, go west to Italy, east to go to West Asia, then turn the corner to North Africa to Egypt; East can also to the Black Sea coast.......
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