Comparison of Chinese and Western culture introduction

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Aviation Industry Press   Author:Li Xin   Pages:269   Words:200000  
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The fundamental differences between the characteristics of the first chapter, concept of a culture of two, culture three, look from the angle of traditional culture, western culture (four a) the basic difference between the five, western culture (two) the second chapter one religion, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism two, three, five, four in the Western religious spirit of Taoism the similarities and differences between the third chapter ethics, western ethics, the two different concept of marriage, from three different national character differences between Chinese and Western culture in the four day, harmony and gregarious spirit of comparison the fourth chapter literature art in western literature, comparison of two, western ghost novel three, Western painting in four, the western music culture between the fifth chapter lifestyle, culture and behavior of two, West to the gender awareness in three, the differences between the four western family, the Western diet culture difference in five day, child rearing custom comparison the sixth chapter mode of thinking, western humanism, west two philosophy, comparative study of the three way of thinking in the West four, a way of thinking in the west is the seventh chapter education mode, Two, basic education in ancient western education between three, four, American Higher Education University Undergraduates Teaching is the eighth chapter of Chinese and foreign enterprise culture...... The ninth chapter "book of changes" and the modern culture @##@ appendix. The book is in line with the cultural education of University for the twenty-first Century cultivate comprehensive talent, improve the cultural quality of university students and the preparation of the. The book is divided into nine chapters, the main basic differences in western culture, religion, ethics, literature and art, life style, way of thinking, ways of education, the Chinese and foreign enterprise culture and other aspects of the explain profound theories in simple language paper, easy to understand. The book can be used as the university culture quality education textbooks, but also a very good cultural knowledge.
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  •   This book is too general, basically all is the theory
  •   In order to write papers for information before buying, content good ~ ~ ~ ~

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