Comparative study of public cultural international metropolis

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The first chapter defines the public culture of China's "eleven five" program "to determine, actively develop cultural undertakings and cultural industries, the government will increase its input in cultural undertakings, and gradually formed a relatively complete public cultural service system covering the whole society". Decided in 2006 held by the party's sixteen sessions of six CCP plenary conferences about constructing socialist harmonious society is put forward clearly, should adhere to the development of public welfare cultural programs as the main approach to protect people's cultural rights and interests. The 17th National Congress of the CPC reaffirmed their commitment to "improve the support for public cultural undertakings". Determine the goal of this one strategy, marking the public culture construction in China will enter a new stage of development. Public cultural service is a new field of cultural construction, public welfare culture is an important content of constructing socialist harmonious society. Research on public culture, a new problem is we are facing a new task, but also the people. A, public welfare culture: the non-profit for the purpose of public cultural undertakings and cultural commonweal undertaking refers to the business of cultural industries, mainly focusing on social benefits, for the purpose of providing the non-profit, non competitive, non excludable public cultural products and services in the field of culture for the whole society. It covers many cultural field, film, publishing, radio and television, newspapers and the Internet, the performance of cultural relics, agency and the philosophy and social science research etc.. The organic part of the cultural construction of public cultural undertakings of both countries, but also state the cause of social public service (including education, health care, social security, environment, etc.) is an important aspect of.......
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Objective to stimulate the cultural creativity of the whole nation the first chapter defines a public culture, public culture: the profit is the basic form of public cultural undertakings, public culture two: the essence of public cultural products three, the public welfare culture: the strategic significance of the development of the masses of the people the second chapter the public welfare culture oriented one, the development of public culture two: improve cultural productivity, the development of Public Culture: to respect and protect people's cultural rights and interests, the development of public culture three: increase the inevitable way people's development of cultural consciousness in Chapter third public culture, public culture and Innovation: an inherent requirement for cultural development two, public welfare cultural innovation: the developing direction of the advanced culture, three the public welfare culture innovation content: the establishment of efficient, the whole society's public cultural service system the fourth chapter development Gong Yiwen's carrier, urban culture: national culture reflects the level of two, the public welfare Culture: the city spirit urban window three, the development of Public Culture: promote the chest national cultural quality is an important way of fifth chapter of international metropolis -- New York public culture, all rivers run into sea. Jin: New York public culture two, the immortal soul of sufficient cultural facilities: a powerful carrier of New York public culture three, frequent and colorful cultural activities: New York public cultural power the sixth chapter international metropolis -- Paris public culture, art and culture: the main melody of Paris public culture two, historical and cultural traditions: the main atmosphere Paris public culture three, knowledge culture: Paris public culture of the main platform of the seventh chapter of international metropolis -- Moscow public welfare culture, perfect the public cultural service: Moscow public culture construction basic principle two, glorious and resplendent national culture: basic education to enrich the connotation of public culture, Moscow three successful: public cultural construction the eighth chapter of talent highland international metropolis -- Shanghai public culture, Shanghai Culture: fertile soil two, forthcoming affordable Shanghai public cultural construction: the key tenet of Shanghai public culture three, into the community: Shanghai public cultural construction is the important position of the ninth chapter of international metropolis -- Beijing public culture, traditional culture: Beijing public thick the historical heritage of two , rich resources, the spirit of openness: multi-level Beijing public culture construction stage three, continuous innovation: beneficial enlightenment of the rich flavor of the times about the Beijing public culture tenth chapter of international metropolis development of public culture, an international experience of two, Chinese urban public cultural construction mechanism is three, learn from the advanced experience of promoting public welfare culture: construction level of urban @##@ bibliography In the construction of public cultural international metropolis, many developed countries to create a good experience. This book is aimed at by perspective of New York, Paris, Moscow and other international city public cultural construction experience, and explore for Beijing, Shanghai and other large city domestic public cultural construction situation, find out the gap, summarize experience, a clear development trend, to find a line with Chinese cultural construction of urban public roads. This book is about basic theory of culture construction of urban public attention, and have practical experience of the construction of urban public cultural representative at home and abroad; explain ideas based on a variety of materials, from the point of view control, combing the materials; the facts speak for themselves, and have certain theoretical height. It is introduced a international city public cultural construction experience of reading, but also a combination of the practical experience of the public culture and basic theory research work.
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