Comparative study of Chinese creative economy

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: Academic Press   Author:Sun Fuliang, Zhang Ying.   Pages´╝Ü335  

This is one of the research on creative economic results, analysis, comparative analysis and empirical analysis, analysis of four parts from the foundation, current situation and development in the economic China creative made system research. The book introduced and absorbed the successful experiences of international creative economic development and mining, describe the development of creative industries in China history, current situation and problem, and in the creative economy under the guidance of the theory, methods of scientific research, combined with the China conditions, it China through creative economic development to enhance the international competitiveness of constructive suggestions and comments. In the creative economy previews the clue, theoretical study is to deepen the China, achievements of the book, regardless of the creative industries to creative entrepreneurs, or higher education discipline construction and Research on creative economic theorists, has certain reference value in evaluation, worth reading.
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Sun Fuliang, a Shanghai Theater Academy Professor, Postgraduate Tutor creativity. Executive vice president of
the Shanghai Theater Academy College of creative.
served as vice president of Shanghai Theater Academy, Shakespeare, Chinese society vice president and Secretary general.
as executive vice president of the Shanghai Creative Industry Association, member China Dramatists Association. Member China TV Artists Association, scientific research and education in Shanghai City
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The first chapter studies the creative economy theory meaning and practice meaning 1.1 creative economy and background analysis 1.1.1 the rise of the creative economy 1.1.2 creative economic background analysis of 1.2 creative economy and related theoretical study of 1.2.1 creative economy theory research 1.2.2 creative 1.2.3 creative economy 1.3 of creative economy theory meaning and practice meaning to study the creative economy 1.3.1 China will fill the blank of 1.3.2 related theory of creative economy to promote economic growth mode transformation 1.3.3 creative economy to promote the sustainable development of the economy of 1.3.4 creative economy, enhance the city's comprehensive competitiveness 1.3.5 creative economy coordinated development of society and economy in the second chapter, creative industry, cultural industry, industry analysis of the relationship between the 2.1 creative industry, culture industry and content industry 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1.3 content of culture creative industry industry industry 2.2 creative industry, cultural industry and content industry characteristics of 2.2.1 creative industry characteristics 2.2.2 the characteristics of cultural industry 2.2.3 content industry characteristics of 2.3 creative industry, cultural industry and content industry 2.3.1 relationship between creative industry and culture industry and content industry belong to the knowledge industry 2.3.2 creative industry and cultural industry has crossed 2.3.3 creative industry beyond culture industry 2.3.4 content industry is the creative industries of the new connotation of the third chapter of the creative economy connotation and key elements of 3.1 creative economy connotation 3.1.1 people's creativity is the creative core of economic development resources and creativity is the soul of 3.1.2 creative economy basic motive force of the development of cultural industry by 3.1.3 given the creative elements and the rapid development of the creative economy is an important feature of the 3.1.4 intellectual property rights and transaction is the essence of the creative economy, creative economy 3.2 core elements of the 3.2.1 analysis of intellectual property protection is the creative economy development the essential guarantee and basis of 3.2.2 culture is the creative economy rich soil 3.2.3 creative talents with creative human capital for economic development in the 3.2.4 government is creative economy strategic enabler of 3.2.5 creative industry management main body is the cultivation of creative economic development organization structure security chapter fourth creative economy and creative city index system of 4.1 creative economy and creative city related research and practice of creative city development and review of 4.1.1 4.1.2 Creative City The method to establish the basis and principle of creative economy and creative city index system of creative city development conditions of 4.1.3 type 4.1.4 4.2 creative city in China 4.2.1 creative economy and creative city index system according to the method of establishing evaluation index system of creative economy and innovation city to establish 4.2.2 creative economy and creative city index system principles in China in 4.3 and step 4.3.1 the establishment of evaluation index system of 4.3.2 evaluation index system of steps...... The fifth chapter and creative economic development pattern and the model in Chapter sixth, Asia Pacific emerging creative economic development experience and Enlightenment of the seventh chapter Chinese creative economic development status of eighth chapter to build creative industry chain based strategic industry in Chapter ninth creative industry gathering zone formation factors and mechanism of the tenth chapter of creative industries cluster evolution and governance eleventh chapter China creative economy on employment structure of the twelfth chapter of creative economy and constructing the harmonious society in the thirteenth chapter the creative economy and implementation of the national strategy of independent innovation of the fourteenth chapter of creative economy under the background of the national cultural security chapter fifteenth China creative class rise situation analysis and Countermeasures of the sixteenth chapter of Shanghai creative industry development status and Countermeasures of the seventeenth chapter of creative economy strategic significance
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