Chinese city culture between urban culture and urban spirit

Date of publication:2003-11   Press: Southeast University press   Author:Chen Lixu   Pages:370   Words:466000  

Under the globalization, China city culture obviously has also been deeply marked by globalization. It is demonstrated in the external world of consumer culture, fashion and popular culture in the city Chinese pop, but also in the influence of foreign ideology, artistic style of the city China serious culture. Showing a trend of integration at the same time in the Chinese city culture and city culture of countries all over the world, the differences are also increasingly prominent. Psychology, customs, behavior, clothing and other aspects the differences not only in Chinese and foreign city residents, but also to the Chinese and foreign city ideology and artistic style as well as the city's cultural system, cultural industry, popular culture content, of course, on material culture was located in city building, street, Park Street, square, the bus, tangible. This book examines the culture and its structure as a modern cultural production and consumption in the city center, and to focus on selected foreign citizen psychology, Chinese and foreign city mass culture, Chinese and foreign city culture industry, Chinese and foreign city of historical and cultural heritage protection, Chinese and foreign city architectural culture are analyzed, compared and discussed. This book is to provide readers with city cultural information and information rich and useful, and can provide the city cultural managers, workers, professional researchers and institutions of higher learning and reference.
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Chen Lixu, born in April 1963, Zhejiang Tiantai people, in 1987 graduated from the Philosophy Department of Zhongshan University, received a master's degree, is a professor of Party School of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, deputy director of the Department of culture, 1997 in Zhejiang province was included in the list of the cross century academic and academic leaders. The other main part: Zhejiang province "fifteen" philosophy and social science planning leading group culture subject group members, Zhejiang Province Philosophy Master
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1 city culture and city culture construction of city culture and city culture of two city settlement characteristic structure of three city culture (a) city of material culture (two) (three) of the system culture city city spirit culture of 2 Chinese and foreign city public psychological comparison of a city and citizen psychology (a) city psychological theory of Simmel's (two) universal features of City Public Psychology (three) compared to two US citizens' psychological special city city public psychology (a subject) and city public awareness (two) occupation prestige China city public (three) and city public class consciousness (four) and city public laws and regulations on city public attitudes towards three psychological comparison (a) China family system and culture and city residents Cultural Psychology (two) Japanese city residents family psychology and Japanese city residents family psychological comparison of 3 Chinese and foreign city is a city of popular culture and popular culture (a) folk culture in the rural society (two) the city and folk culture to mass culture The development of the two western city of popular culture (a) the birth of city and urban western "the masses" (two) the rise of the western mass media (three) western city of popular culture character (four) western city public culture three debate of social transformation and the rise of popular culture China city (a) played in history (two) China bud culture of contemporary popular city (three) the development of cultural Chinese contemporary popular city structure and function of 4 Chinese and foreign city culture industry is a city of cultural industry (a) business culture, public culture and city culture industry (two) the structure of cultural industry city (three) and developing trend of city culture industry the function of two western city culture industry (a) the city culture industry western (two) the basic pattern of cultural industry in the western city of (three) the rise of the development trend of cultural industry in the western city of three China city culture industry (a) the rise China city culture industry background (two) developing industrial city culture in contemporary China. (three) a comparison between the Chinese and foreign culture industry city 5 foreign city Protection of historical and cultural heritage of 6 Chinese and foreign city architectural culture between the main references
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