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Date of publication:1900-1   Press: Peking University press   Author:Shang Huipeng   Pages:376   Words:306000  

Academic philosophy book author is clear, with human society science of education science culture is very good; the master a wealth of Sino Japanese literature, have extended their ideas very rich cultural original foundation; also has the English very good foundation and the British National Overseas Experience author. To put forward is, book pay special attention to change method of theories research, the special provision in the last chapter, discusses about the Japanese cultural qualitative Benedict's "shame culture" theory, Hijii Kenro's "demon pet" theory, root thousand branches "vertical society" theory, and introduces the Xu 粮光 theory. The former three kinds of theory, it is the three university in twentieth Century with a global impact on Japanese culture in the study said, this shows that the author of the book the academic research had a good training, pay great attention to academic research "normative" this is now many of our young researchers lack.
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Chinese and Japanese preface chapter two, thread, nationality, ethnic behavior deep structure research, comparative method, three, five, four principles of materials and Book Logic Analysis of the first chapter of "home", in a way of living: "courtyard" and "tatami" two, three, family system in child rearing after a study of the second chapter "family" in the Chinese and Japanese one, people group built two, three people group changes, ethnic group and individual psychology and behavior way of the third chapter of non dear belongs to the group of Chinese and Japanese one, Japan this element system and its characteristics two, Jia Yuan system in the social and cultural psychological base three, Chinese, Japanese concluded non kin group principle four, relatives, home Yuan group organization and Japanese common social features five, case analysis: "CS" modernization AUM Shinrikyo in Chapter fourth days: examine the characteristics of a society, Jia Yuan organization and Japanese modernization, the social modernization in Japan two patterns from the people and group level and the enlightenment to our country the fifth chapter religious Chinese And the Japanese one, traditional religion and the religious outlook features two, Japanese new religious characteristics and causes of three, China new religious characteristics and causes of sixth chapters between the sexes, a culture of fundamental differences between the two, "a dream of Red Mansions" and "the tale of Genji" the theme of love in contemporary Japan three, sexual concept and four, the consciousness of women in men's eyes the seventh chapter of the national character of the tendencies, "a small group body position" and "family", "two" series of consciousness "and the" average "consciousness", meaning "three" and "four traditional code of conduct", "name" and "shame", some of the other five the eighth chapter on the tendency of Japanese and Sino Japan comparison of theory, Benedict's theory of two, Hijii Kenro's "demon pet" theory, Nakane Chieda "three vertical society" theory, Xu Liangguang's theory of four Japanese and Japanese culture psychology comparative index reference postscript
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