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Most of the time, we are not satisfied with their situation, each on their own weakness, and the determination to change. We know, whether it is to lose weight, stop smoking or other personal problems, need to target continuous efforts, do not adhere to theLax. No matter how long it will take, we will firmly pursue the ultimate success, otherwise you will fail. Our country has experienced the similar process. Throughout history, discontented people from all walks of life have joined together to make the political movement to change national policy. When the United States needs to solve the contradiction between the system and the constitutional rights of slave life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of our time, nineteenth Century abolitionists would prepare for his beliefs continue to struggle, even sacrificed their lives for it. Similarly, at the beginning of the twentieth Century, women for nearly 40 years to obtain the right to vote. Now, the United States faces another unsatisfactory moments. During the Carter administration, most American people "American Dream" slow digestion, known as the "low" state. The situation reached a peak in 2008, as the global financial crisis. In turn, this crisis has evolved into the internal economic crisis, need the government to put trillions of dollars of debt and to solve the problem of high rate of unemployment, but also triggered a crisis of governance and trust crisis. Obviously, the bad state of the people of the United States on the country's political function to feel depressed, also can not solve this problem exhibits anxiety. Obama won a landslide victory in the 2008 election, but two years later, his presidency would challenge. At the time of the election, Republican majority in the house, took the leadership. Americans began to suspect that the two major political parties are unable to realize the promise, cannot represent the interests of the people. Through the investigation of Gallup and the tea party, can clearly see that the dissatisfaction of the people, some people even give up the United States citizenship. Highly polarised interests do differentiation state. I think that this phenomenon is the opposition of Republicans and Democrats, as it is the opposite of the rich and the poor. Rich people want to continue to use the cheap labor in developing countries, through continuous loose financial supervision to realize the prosperity of financial market. While the poor want a rich reward, promising work, so that their children can have more opportunities to improve the standard of living. Therefore, concerned about the problem of inconsistent. How to solve this problem, will have a profound impact on the domestic economy growth and change. The public felt uneasy and anxious for these results, which showed widespread concern that they might lose their competitive advantage of nations. In fact, at this time the worry extremely adverse to the u.s.. On the one hand, the United States suffered the worst since the Great Depression of the economic situation, while in other parts of the world, more and more people share of Americans have enjoyed for decades of economic prosperity. Competition from developing countries will naturally make many Americans feel threatened. On the other hand, has more than one billion cheap labor China absorbed manufacturing most of American have long since abandoned the job. India also absorbed a lot of American jobs, but mainly concentrated in the call center services, computer software and law fields. In these areas, the Indians and Americans can be comparable to, but the reward is only a small part of the american. Most American workers feel their jobs are threatened, and they fear that gave birth to the Anti China Rhetoric and anti immigration bill. China has thus become a handy scapegoat of America's economic problems. As Zhang Chunru in "the Chinese in America: a narrative written history", because of racial discrimination in the United States and the envy of China's recent achievements (such as after the 2008 financial crisis, China's rapid economic recovery and strong growth), plus the feeling of China's lack of democracy, China has become an easy target. I used the word "feel", because I clarify China's leadership in the formulation of policies in the third chapter, is concerned with a wide range of public interest. To attack China has almost become a contact sport on American television, the left wing commentators have tried to knock down the opponent by slander china. Even the "big short" author Michael Lewis in an article titled "all you need to know about the reason behind the failure of the review, to taunt tone describes this phenomenon. The negative remarks caused our complaints, deepen the misunderstanding each other, but to solve the problem of no benefit. Unlike the Broadcasting British Corporation and other foreign media, the mainstream media in the United States most of the time in the expression of us centric view, without giving the corresponding time for foreigners to express their views and explore thought-provoking. But these alien perspective can give Americans the enlightenment, especially when talking about unfamiliar topic. However, excited by the media in the fierce rhetoric, Americans can take action. Throughout history, Americans in the darkest hour, all together in the face of challenges, such as the division of labor involved in the Second World War, spontaneous drive to "9 · 11" after the rescue work. A recent example is the "sixty minutes" television reported in 2011, also cannot mortgage phenomenon sweeping the country, American families to lend a helping hand to the newly homeless neighbor, welcome them to his home. Today, the United States may face the most severe test of willpower. Unlike the cold war against the Soviet Union such as simple and direct enemy. The challenge now is to, in the crowded and since and dwindling resources in the world, how to coexist with it in. These two aspects will be a threat to we have to choose the way of life. Developing countries around the world are continuously and firmly promote the development of their economic wealth, the United States can develop one leading to a peaceful and sustainable development? Some people including me, worry, Western and especially the United States, will be in the future competition continuously strengthen and unpredictable environment backward. President Obama will be on China's economy and the rise of new technology called "satellite hour". Former House Speaker Newt Newt Gingrich put forward the technology advantage of China will be "a potentially disastrous threat to the United states". These concerns have begun to create a number of innovative policy proposals, for example, the U. S. Department of Energy announced investments in clean energy research, but there is no actual action, there are a lot of work to do. To deal with these problems requires not only practical solutions, but also the need for American identityChanges of philosophical reflection and countries to meet the challenges of the determination. At least compared with not long ago, the United States must enhance the competitiveness. Competitors, it's going to get harder to keep the advantage position. Although the top US military power, but simply rely on military power to keep the American superpower status is not wise. The United States must enhance their strength in all aspects, because even if the use of military force, it is impossible to control all the events at any time and in any place. In fact, the United States should never try to do so. P8-11

Zhang Xiaoying, dr.. Associate Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University, associate dean of the school of english. Had engaged at the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney diplomatic work. Include English education, international media, cross cultural communication and global research interests. Once in the domestic publication "international communication", "global media journal", "European Studies" and "International Forum" published papers and articles in the British newspaper the guardian "published a commentary. From 2010 to 2011, was a visiting scholar in University of Cambridge, research on the construction of the British magazine "the economist" globalization.
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This was a turbulent period in a challenging problem. From 2008 to 2009 financial crisis inevitably accelerate the transfer of power in the world. In the United States as the world political and economic order has changed gradually, the emerging powers become the middle forces indispensable, played an important role in the processing of a series of transnational issues. Previously, the driving force of the global economy are cross-border free flow of ideas, information, personnel, capital, goods and services, but in the current system, in the face of rapid change, the government's use of the old tools by using a new method to control political power. In the United States leaders, American power was unparalleled, so now the policy makers should discuss how the United States is the most effective way to control the power, and the United States now have in self doubt and be wise. The US is no longer the previous u.. The United States has hegemony itself, now people quietly talking about his irresponsible behavior. Politicians still refer to American society "exception", to get rid of fear. Today, people need to learn from the experience of others, especially the rapid rise of potential competitors. Americans are a disturbing. However, in today's world, the experience and lessons are more than any time precious. This is why Li Qing problems worthy of deep thinking and answer. She is well versed in both conditions, may no one can answer this question better than she? Washington with a watchful eye at China the amazing changes. Its future plans should focus on cooperation or competition? Li Qing pointed out that this is a false choice. Yes, it is generally believed that the political value of the two governments view is very different, the role of capitalism in the process of human development in understanding is not the same. Moreover, the rise of the Chinese middle class has not weakened its political system. Therefore, the friction between the two countries due to the difference of the core principles should not let people ignore the facts. In fact, the two countries have benefited from the rise of china. Wise policies should ensure that this non zero sum game to continue. Of course, both parties should play your cards right is. The development of China, the next step will be more complex. In this regard, China's leaders are clearly better than anyone. The rapid development of China's economy has been "unstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable" phenomenon, so a new generation of leaders will begin to adjust the economic structure. As far as they can eventually achieve the goal is still unknown, but the Chinese political system changing. Now talk about the "China century" seems premature. However, China is not around the past. When the Americans in its efforts to restore economic vitality and balance the democratic forces, they had to one based on different principles to Chinese system. Usa Inc had to compete with China's state-owned enterprises in the global scope (sometimes forming partnerships). China and other emerging countries go market roads will not easily to Western institutions compromise, or by the Westerners make old rules of the game. The United States will refuse to change, then struggled to adapt to. However, Li Qing believes that if the United States learn to compete in a new field and to win, the rise of China, no matter in what way does not mean that the experience of the United States and the decline of failure. If the United States would from the success and mistakes will contribute to this goal. Li Wei described the state policy of China, and these strategies fully and the prosperity of the free market democracy system coincide. Americans do not abandon the traditional economic and political beliefs, because these beliefs first brought us prosperity. However, our system sometimes surplus problem always reminds us: both in Washington or Wall Street, short-term tactical thinking often substitutes for long-term planning of health. What can be learned from the United States? Quite a lot. Ian Bremer: the president of Eurasia Group, was the "end of the free market".
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2 the Chinese miracle Confucian philosophy
3 Elite Governance
4 five years planning of
6 the first special economic zone economic entity
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8 to create a better world.
the plans for the new year that China can learn what @##@ to us American mainstream media often see China as a threat. However, Li Yu think, and look at the rise of China, influence and contribution to the world economy negatively, the United States is not thinking about how to learn from the strongest competitors!
why China in the global economic crisis can quickly restore? What makes China's economic growth? The Chinese government is how to take the public responsibility? From education to the government to the foreign aid, Li Yu in the "American to learn what" in detail those who urge China to become the policy and practice of global power. At the same time, she also stripped out those with lasting vitality of Chinese traditional thought, and put forward the introduction of American culture, to promote the United States to changes in the road.
as a Chinese American, she and the family experience. To know and be familiar with china. Li Yu suggested that the common ground is the primary. Emphasize the difference. The United States will miss the good opportunity. "The United States to learn what" she to in-depth study the keen insight and large, urged the United States to adopt new thinking and new method for mutual learning has become the key to the survival and development of mankind today.
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Li Yu's "the United States to China to learn what" is extraordinary achievements in U.S. - China relations field. The analysis of precision, but also has a profound cultural understanding, rich in content, value does not poor, objectively, a well-known. The rain hit some tough questions, which help Americans better understand China, but also help China more clearly see yourself. -- Yale China Association executive director Jia Nanxi in a broad sense, every page of the book is full of original ideas and key information, surprising. No matter in the United States and China, everyone must understand and be familiar with these ideas and information. Both the education, culture, political or economic or commercial, Ms. Li will teach Americans and Chinese have many things. She more than anyone we know we should also learn what. : Cornell University of Finance and professor of international economic law of Robert Hocklin is well known, although the envy of the world the success of China, but the United States is the way to China as the scapegoat for problems. This book has a lofty goal: by increasing the Westerners in the success of China's understanding, reduce the potential conflict. According to the analysis of the great Ang Lee, China's success is not dependent on modern mercantilist policies, is also learning western advantages result. Like westerners, China established the social safety net, and in accordance with international law to engage in commercial activities. The main argument is more interesting the book: in order to save themselves, the need to rely on China, the re introduction of lessons from western forgotten. This is a serious book, should become a popular Chinese counter the pressure of the United States forces. Missouri - the Kansas City University economics professor, Levi Economic Research Institute senior scholar Randall Ray look at China, our hearts full of anxiety. Book quantization and clear a lot of anxiety factors among them, it is said never. The author's perspective is very unique and interesting, which makes it very attractive. Author's main point is clear: if the United States to ignore China, is a risky thing. In this book we dare not answer many questions. - the new international financial group credit sales and trading department senior manager Lawrence MacDonald Li Yu shows us that the United States can also apply to a soon to become the world's largest economy to learn many things. Professor Li in the two years before the financial crisis has predicted that the "great depression". Now, she tells the story of two countries to work together to create a more secure and prosperous world, we should all listen to her advice." - director, Committee for economic development of the United States Department of education's former deputy secretary Charlie Kerbl "the author of all the topics covered in this book are quite reasonable, at the same time, many of the issues are very interesting. This book is very attractive, will produce far-reaching effect." The founding director of the McKinsey Global Institute William Lewis "the book from a single perspective the geopolitical debate, refreshing. Even those who see China system seriously ills of people would agree that many bold ruling strategy proposed by Li Yu." - "Financial Times" reporter, "fatal system error" author Joseph Men "Li Yu and the China threat theory of dialogue. She pointed out the basic policy and attitude, behind China's success, Chinese lessons can put Americans back to the starting point, let the renewed emphasis on those first to make America a great country values and aspirations. Her book about China in the global economy and the role and discussed as a rising world power is slightly different, very timely." The world Policy Research Institute president Michel Walker "people of China and the current system there are many misconceptions. Li Yu's book examines the Chinese system and its advantages, new angle, but there is no lack of controversy." Professor: @##@ investment bank Jacob Sheff Josh Lenny of Harvard Business School The economic crisis in China's rapid recovery and sustained growth, is threatening competitor, or a mentor? New York University Professor take you to see the eyes of Americans in china. Americans, who is the strongest opponent (china! )? Americans, who is the best teacher (china! )? Why the economic crisis and the loan crisis, but unable to extricate themselves? Why China can shine, thriving, swordsman?...... Li Yu's "the United States to learn what" is extraordinary achievements in U.S. - China relations field. The analysis of precision, but also has a profound cultural understanding, rich in content, high value.
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