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Date of publication:1999-02   Press: Jilin people's Publishing House   Author:Zhao Guoguang  

Have the opportunity to America people are not interested or have no time or no conditions to write these things. Interested have the time and conditions of people often did not go USA folk study opportunities. The author of this book was lucky to have this two conditions. Book principle: only on folk, not about officialdom; only talk about life, do not talk about politics; only talk about things, not to talk about things.
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Basic necessities of life
chopsticks and forks
suit what to wear
social etiquette.
hospitality way
ladies first.
the service life of
Hotel himself opened the door.
air fare can speak down
> Street beggars Society
single parent families
thinking mode
from small to large and from big to small
centripetal and to
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